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Memory Garden
This peaceful garden gives testimony to beloved dogs of the past.
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Smelling of new grass and spring, a warm breeze dances along this rolling stretch of meadow.
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Locked Dogs

LockedAPnT BEYSE ArtemisEnglish Cocker Spaniel1434
LockedIPnT BEYSE AtalantaEnglish Cocker Spaniel821
LockedAFT *NO* HathorEnglish Cocker Spaniel1836
LockedHecateEnglish Cocker Spaniel19
LockedANFT BEYSE HephaestusEnglish Cocker Spaniel117
LockedMinotaurEnglish Cocker Spaniel19
LockedNFT BEYSE NyxEnglish Cocker Spaniel117
LockedMFT .: PP Pacific AnubisEnglish Cocker Spaniel2875
LockedJAT BEYSE PerseusEnglish Cocker Spaniel1534
LockedNFT BEYSE ThaliaEnglish Cocker Spaniel117
LockedJPnT BEYSE TheseusEnglish Cocker Spaniel721
Remembering Furry Paws BETA
$2,848,393 Money Earned
Salary $122,400
Kennel Size 20
A Regal German Shepherd Dog Statue
The plaque reads:
ASc AH VCTK Pied Piper's Sparrow
Female German Shepherd Dog Born 11 22, 2010
Reached Level 14, Placing in 284 Competitions
A Regal Border Collie Statue
The plaque reads:
IARO IAH .HS. Pied Piper's Monster
Male Border Collie Born 11 29, 2010
Reached Level 12, Placing in 240 Competitions

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02:07pm on Feb 28

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