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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnFl 17HHBorder Collie621
LockedIPnA ANFr 18HHBorder Collie1019
LockedJPnFl PnA 20HHBorder Collie1119
LockedJPnFl 20HHBorder Collie617
LockedJPnH 20HHBorder Collie516
LockedPnH ANO 21HHBorder Collie1019
LockedPnH 22HHBorder Collie1018
LockedJPnSh 23HHBorder Collie516
LockedJPnFl 23HHBorder Collie519
LockedJPnSh 23HHBorder Collie616
LockedNFl JPnSh 24HHBorder Collie617
LockedChH BBCK Away to the moon [23HH]Border Collie3897
LockedPnFr |L.M| Bubble [24HH]Border Collie1021
LockedANH VTcK Cream Merle w/ Blue Sable + MaskBorder Collie792
LockedAFl Dancer 24HHBorder Collie2047
LockedJPnFr DareBorder Collie719
LockedIPnA Dare [24HH lala]Border Collie1028
LockedAH Dark forest (blue) [15HH]Border Collie2473
LockedAH |L.M| Fawn dream [18HH]Border Collie1739
LockedIPnH Four leaf clover (24HH)Border Collie1022
LockedAT ~*S*~ Hittin' Up Cool [10HH]Border Collie2042
LockedChO ¤REVI Home (21HH)Border Collie3490
LockedPnA KoiKn I wish (23HH)Border Collie1230
LockedAA |L.M| Ice cream 24HHBorder Collie1840
LockedANP PnSh WSB Isabella Merle and White (Extreme Piebald) (EEEE)23HHBorder Collie920
LockedJAFl Isabella of the wind [20HH]Border Collie1541
LockedJAA |L.M| Magical dream [21HH]Border Collie1534
LockedPnFr |L.M| Mars [20HH]Border Collie1026
LockedAH |L.M| Muffin' [23HH]Border Collie1633
LockedJAFl Perfect silver [24HH lala 3stm]Border Collie1543
LockedANFl Puppy 1Border Collie621
LockedJPnH Puppy 1Border Collie724
LockedIPnH Puppy 1Border Collie823
LockedIPnH Puppy 10Border Collie923
LockedANA IPnFr Puppy 2Border Collie923
LockedPuppy 3German Shepherd Dog18
LockedNH Puppy 6Border Collie111
LockedPuppy 7Border Collie17
LockedPnSh ANA Puppy 8Border Collie923
LockedJPnFl ABIO Puppy 9Border Collie614
LockedAFl Rain [19HH]Border Collie2157
LockedAPnFl SaCo Ratta 23HH EEEEBorder Collie1333
LockedExFl ¤REVI Roadtrip To Maizville [20HH]Border Collie3078
LockedExA Silver Merle with Blue Saddle 23HH lalaBorder Collie3793
LockedPnH ANSh Kip's Target [lala 4stm 24HH 1.037]Border Collie1121
LockedAPnFl *HRH* Thunderstruck [12HH]Border Collie1227
LockedASh DoI Tiger[13HH]Border Collie2255
LockedAFl Willow [20HH]Border Collie2054
LockedAFl |L.M| Winter 23HHBorder Collie2047
LockedAH ww! Zebra [16HH]Border Collie1749
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor StudExH *~A~* Alec [20HH]Border Collie3388
LockedFor StudExH *~A~* Colin (20HH)Border Collie3387
LockedFor StudJPnA 13 HHBorder Collie720
LockedFor StudJPnO 16HHBorder Collie612
LockedFor StudPnA 24HHBorder Collie1124
LockedFor StudAH LFK's Afraid of the Sea (Brindle Fawn/White *I* w/ Blue Sable) [EEEE / 22HH/2Hh/0hh]Border Collie1838
LockedFor StudIPnA ~*S*~ Bis [13HH]Border Collie1026
LockedFor StudAFr Bruno [18HH]Border Collie1640
LockedFor StudJAA Caramel dream (24HH)Border Collie1738
LockedFor StudJAO |L.M| Dusty [23HH]Border Collie1641
LockedFor StudJAH *HRH* Ferrari [12HH]Border Collie1532
LockedFor StudMH Florian [24HH]Border Collie2979
LockedFor StudAH |L.M| Jamy[20HH]Border Collie2149
LockedFor StudJAFl *HRH* Leggo [15HH lala]Border Collie1636
LockedFor StudASh LFK's Let a Little Sunshine [14HH]Border Collie1539
LockedFor StudJAA |L.M| Max [21HH]Border Collie1644
LockedFor StudAPnFl |L.M| Moon [20HH]Border Collie1226
LockedPuppy 6Border Collie112
LockedFor StudMFl ChP Is It Ragin' CajunBorder Collie4389
LockedFor StudMFl |L.M| Ris[24HH]Border Collie3087
LockedFor StudPnH Rusty (24HH)Border Collie1128
LockedFor StudAO JPnSh |L.M| Secret [23HH]Border Collie1535
LockedFor StudPnA Spot (24HH)Border Collie1022
LockedFor StudPnA |L.M| Toby [19HH]Border Collie1024
LockedFor StudAH |L.M| Triple moon 21HHBorder Collie2257
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor StudARO |AUR| 18HH 0hh BrindleAustralian Shepherd2148
LockedAPnFl |L.M| 19HHAustralian Shepherd1228
LockedAH |L.M| 21HHAustralian Shepherd1637
LockedJPnFl |L.M| 21HHAustralian Shepherd512
LockedFor StudMA *NLK* :"Flickering Flame" 24-0Australian Shepherd2961
LockedFor StudAFl |L.M| Advantager [17HH lala] {blue}Australian Shepherd2062
LockedFor StudJAFl BSE [24HH]Australian Shepherd1536
LockedAPnFl |L.M| Ice'n fire [15HH]/ isabella merleAustralian Shepherd1224
LockedAT Let's Roll 23HHAustralian Shepherd1897
LockedFor StudAA CGDB Moon [20HH]Australian Shepherd2256
LockedPuppy 4Border Collie149
LockedAPnFl *Kat* Rahel vom KatthulthofAustralian Shepherd1225
LockedFor StudJAA RofS [EEEE 23/0 INT4 lala]Australian Shepherd1538


  • Black Snake Black Snake
  • Sun the Canary Sun the Canary
  • Champagne Hamster Champagne Hamster
  • Green Baby Dragon Green Baby Dragon
  • Mean Siamese Cat Mean Siamese Cat
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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnO NSh 19HHGerman Shepherd Dog719
LockedPnSc 20HHGerman Shepherd Dog1121
LockedNSc 23HHGerman Shepherd Dog110
LockedJPnSc 24HH lala 4stmGerman Shepherd Dog720
LockedIPnSc JPnSh BeauGerman Shepherd Dog1023
LockedFor StudMW |L.M| Blue with Red Points and Mask carries isabella[13HH]German Shepherd Dog2254
LockedNO DKSTR DarkoGerman Shepherd Dog115
LockedANSc RRM DixieGerman Shepherd Dog112
LockedPnSc lala spdagi 2xint 20HH EEEE (Chocolate) 103German Shepherd Dog1228
LockedPnSc MB26 Lee || 23German Shepherd Dog1036
LockedJPnW LolaGerman Shepherd Dog616
LockedAPnSc MB26 Luv || 23German Shepherd Dog1346
LockedIPnSc ANSh MadGerman Shepherd Dog920
LockedNSc MB26 Pete || 23German Shepherd Dog113
LockedFor StudJPnSc NSh Puppy 11German Shepherd Dog513
LockedNSc *SD* Puppy 6German Shepherd Dog113
LockedNSc Puppy 9German Shepherd Dog112
LockedAPnSc NSh Silver with Chocolat Saddle and MaskGerman Shepherd Dog1332
LockedAT ZvdBW Silver with Isabella Sable and Mask 21HH lala {1.035}German Shepherd Dog2439
LockedAW Silver with Isabella Saddle and Mask 21HH 4E lala {1.072}German Shepherd Dog1323
LockedJPnSc WLK Wasteland's KiKiGerman Shepherd Dog757
LockedJPnH Wasteland's LilaGerman Shepherd Dog755
LockedJPnSc MAV'S Wasteland's RuinsGerman Shepherd Dog755
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor StudAPnFl 24HH lala 4stmCzechoslovakian Wolfdog1433
LockedFor Public SaleAHu BrummahAmerican Bully2145
LockedPnH Mysterious wolf [24HH lala 4stm]Czechoslovakian Wolfdog1124
LockedANH JPnA SRms Puppy 2 (24HH, lala, boosts charisma) Cream with Black Grizzle and Light UndersidesCzechoslovakian Wolfdog613
LockedANSh Puppy 4Czechoslovakian Wolfdog512
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor Public SaleAPnT BentleyCzechoslovakian Wolfdog1449
LockedFor Public SaleJAH *HRH* Blue walk [15HH]Border Collie1559
LockedFor Public SaleAPnH Flying with AirplainsCzechoslovakian Wolfdog1448
LockedFor Public SaleJPnHu |WW| Ghostly PresenceBeagle617
LockedFor Public SaleNA RuffB MaeBrussels Griffon517
LockedFor Public SaleIPnRO SammyBrittany1027
LockedFor Public SaleANH JPnT SC | Hartfell Hollow | GGGG | 10kSmooth Collie1127
LockedFor Public SaleJPnH ANA SC | Hartfell | GGGESmooth Collie1130

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01:35am on May 12

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