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female German Shepherd kennel
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33 Locked Dogs
Show 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
male German Shepherd kennel
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10 Locked Dogs
Dachshunds kennel
Premium Kennel
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13 Locked Dogs
Racing 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Tracking 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Premium Kennel
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Small Critter Pasture
4 Critters
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Frisbee 3 Star Training Area
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Locked Dogs

LockedAPnSc ~ENI~ beat to the music ( isabella) 17HHGerman Shepherd Dog1121
LockedAT ~ENI~ Bunny Power!!! bb Dd 22HH (brown)German Shepherd Dog1740
LockedAPnSc ~ENI~ can't stop the music ( soild brown) 21 HHGerman Shepherd Dog1121
LockedMSc HvGF cant touch this EmE BbGerman Shepherd Dog2671
LockedMT HvGF Carries Solid Black, Carries Brown, Carries "No-Mask"German Shepherd Dog2769
LockedMSc ~ENI~ city girl (maskless carries black)German Shepherd Dog2348
LockedIPnSc ~ENI~ club party ( 24HH ) ceGerman Shepherd Dog712
LockedMSc ~ENI~ Evil wolf (Bb) 24HHGerman Shepherd Dog2554
LockedMSc ~ENI~ firework show {blue} 21HHGerman Shepherd Dog2348
LockedMT ~ENI~ forever with you 24HH EmEGerman Shepherd Dog2348
LockedNCFl DaiQ Guardian Kennel's DaisyGerman Shepherd Dog3996
LockedMSc ~ENI~ i want you back {Bb Dd ressive black}German Shepherd Dog2248
LockedAPnSc ~ENI~ inspiring songs (solid isabella)German Shepherd Dog1123
LockedJPnT ~ENI~ kellybeanGerman Shepherd Dog712
LockedASc ~ENI~ kitkat EMEGerman Shepherd Dog1536
LockedJAT ReSK lighting up worlds 24HHGerman Shepherd Dog1330
LockedASc ~ENI~ love as u love me 22HH black DdGerman Shepherd Dog2144
LockedASc ~ENI~ love song Dd 22HHGerman Shepherd Dog1840
LockedAT ~ENI~ lovely rainbow {solid Isabella} lala 14HHGerman Shepherd Dog1737
LockedPnSc ~ENI~ midnight kisses ( solid blue )German Shepherd Dog1023
LockedMSc ~ENI~ mocking bird Bb Dd ressive blackGerman Shepherd Dog2348
LockedPnT ~ENI~ nila ceGerman Shepherd Dog1028
LockedAPnSc ~ENI~ only girl in the world ( solid choc. )German Shepherd Dog1121
LockedIPnSc ~ENI~ pimp my boat ( 24HH )German Shepherd Dog713
LockedNSc The1 Puppy 3German Shepherd Dog115
LockedASc ~ENI~ purple passion solid brownGerman Shepherd Dog1637
LockedIPnSc ~ENI~ she's the man (sliver EE )German Shepherd Dog713
LockedMT ~ENI~ sliver diamonds {8HH} (sliver) EmEGerman Shepherd Dog2763
LockedExT ~ENI~ sliver windGerman Shepherd Dog3266
LockedExT ~ENI~ sour patch girlGerman Shepherd Dog3165
LockedChT ~ENI~ thing two {22HH} EmEGerman Shepherd Dog3371
LockedExSc PnO UVN twisted love {SOLID BLACK Dd EEEE} ceGerman Shepherd Dog3174
LockedPnSc CnE winters winds 24HHGerman Shepherd Dog1028
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Locked Dogs

LockedAPnT ~ENI~ an't no shame in my game( solid blue)German Shepherd Dog1223
LockedFor StudMSc ~ENI~ deep in my heart {blue} 21HHGerman Shepherd Dog2348
LockedChT ~ENI~ hi there............. {24HH}German Shepherd Dog3471
LockedJASc ~ENI~ loseing touch ( blue)German Shepherd Dog1121
LockedAT ~ENI~ poison devil ( EmE Bb Dd)German Shepherd Dog1536
LockedFor StudAPnT ~ENI~ Stolen songs (soild isabella)German Shepherd Dog1123
LockedASc ~ENI~ thumper 23HH Bb DdGerman Shepherd Dog1740
LockedMSc ~ENI~ you cant fool me evil clown 23HH DdGerman Shepherd Dog2754
LockedJAT ~ENI~ zeus ceGerman Shepherd Dog1428
LockedExT ~ENI~ zigzagGerman Shepherd Dog3266
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Locked Dogs

LockedAPnSh ~ENI~ Ariana GrandeDachshund1021
LockedExT ~ENI~ bella bell {20HH}Dachshund3165
LockedChT Hoot! bella {7HH}Dachshund3691
LockedAT ~ENI~ dance partyDachshund2043
LockedChT RofS faith alive {16HH }Dachshund3686
LockedExT ~ENI~ fireblitzDachshund3065
LockedExT ~ENI~ little loveDachshund3065
LockedExT ~ENI~ Melon{3HH}Dachshund3487
LockedAPnSh ~ENI~ only one in the worldDachshund1021
LockedFor StudMT ~ENI~ princeDachshund2683
LockedExT RofS shivering stars {10HH}Dachshund3280
LockedMT ~ENI~ suger suger (16HH)Dachshund2997
LockedMT ~ENI~ we all need a friend 9HH blueDachshund2351


  • Black Baby Dragon Black Baby Dragon
  • Cinnamon Hamster Cinnamon Hamster
  • Golden Hamster Golden Hamster
  • Scary Black Cat Scary Black Cat
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Locked Dogs

LockedExR DOGS Gracie 24HH EEEESilken Windhound2640
LockedFor StudChR DotB hang in there 20HH lalaSilken Windhound3379
LockedJAR fawx Happy Ever After 24HHSilken Windhound1225
LockedNCR ~ENI~ tiger {10HH}Borzoi3787
LockedMR ~ENI~ tomb dogSaluki2567
LockedGCR ~ENI~ transformersBorzoi3887

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