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About Me: hello, i am very tired.
(used to be simpling)
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"I love your art!" -körn on Jul 3
"You are so talented!" -Seoul - sick dog...slow on Jun 25
"I believe in you." -Cata on Jun 23
"You've got this." -Harmony Owner of WTAS on Jun 23
"You will be okay." -Livdeer on Jun 21
"You've got this." -Eelai on Jun 16
"You are awesome." -körn on Jun 16
"Have a great day!" -Mexon on Jun 15
"I love your art!" -Tar on Jun 12
"You are awesome." -huskyhiccups on Jun 10
"Have a great day!" -tLc // slow on Jun 9
":)" -Detective Lennie Briscoe on Jul 5
"This cookie just for you and no one else." -Seelengefährte on Jul 4
"Thanks for being you!" -Eve - due June 21 on Mar 16
"You are awesome." -Eve - due June 21 on Mar 9
"I love your dogs!" -Stevie on Sep 12
"You're exceptional!" -Asen! Art Fight has started! on Aug 29
"You are awesome." -Rebel-3/40FPP on Aug 26
"You are awesome." -Valo - dialysis sucks :c on Aug 23
"Nice job!" -Delayed Serotonin on Aug 22
"You're exceptional!" -Subway -- Hiatus on Aug 21
"I admire you!" -kaori on Aug 21
"I admire you!" -gravity | downsizing on Aug 21
"You are awesome." -Five - inactive-ish? on Aug 21
"You are awesome." -Ratchet on Aug 21

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