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About Me: Hi! Outside of Furry-Paws, I'm a highschool student taking medical + spanish classes. I own a Shiba mix and I plan on co-owning an apartment with my best friend when we get to college for veterinary, and I might also become a dog trainer on the side!
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"I love your dogs!" -Laura Bennard on May 7
"Your kennel is really nice." -michael on Jan 24
"Have a great day!" -Golden Rescue (gone) on Jan 13
"Merry Christmas!" -Myth on Dec 25
":)" -Drew P. Peenus on Dec 23
":)" -.:jupiter:. on asb^ on Dec 22
":)" -Bones on Dec 16
"Nice tag!" -JustVurb on Dec 16
"Nice tag!" -Chillinging on Dec 15
"Nice tag!" -AlexPlayzYT on Dec 15
"I believe in you." -Draco on Dec 10
"Nice tag!" -playofthegame on Dec 6
"Have a great day!" -Gtork on Dec 4
"You are awesome." -Josie on Dec 4
"Happy Holidays!" -Talisa on Dec 4
"Have a great day!" -MystikAngel on Dec 3
":)" -Aurora on Dec 2
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"Nice tag!" -Realskill on Dec 2
"Nice tag!" -John on Dec 2
"Nice tag!" -georgie george on Dec 1
"Nice tag!" -rockstarr 00 on Dec 1
"Nice tag!" -rice cooker on Nov 30
"Nice tag!" -bad boy on Nov 30
"Nice tag!" -qwerty uiop on Nov 30
"Nice tag!" -quiet kid on Nov 30
"Nice tag!" -laila riverra on Nov 30
"Nice tag!" -hehe on Nov 28

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