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crazy Cassarla+devil Darceey (#1534008)
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About Me: this is a devil hollow but only crazy devils can be here
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"Thanks for being you!" -f l e x on Oct 25
"I love your dogs!" -bella on Oct 8
"You will be okay." -§ Røsa § on Sep 30
"I believe in you." -michael on Sep 30
"I believe in you." -Ritty on Sep 30
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"Your kennel is really nice." -https://www.furry-paws.com/kennel/owner/1580734 on Sep 26
"You will be okay." -Bella on Sep 22
"I believe in you." -Athena~HUGE SALE~ on Sep 19
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":)" -atlas :: sAntAAAAAAA on Aug 31
"You will be okay." -Athena~HUGE SALE~ on Aug 31
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"You're exceptional!" -Avery on Aug 24
"I believe in you." -Noble on Aug 23
"Nice job!" -Dark Voodoo on Aug 23
"You are awesome." -Renee on Aug 21
"Nice job!" -marma on Aug 19
":)" -atlas :: sAntAAAAAAA on Aug 19
"Nice job!" -Noble on Aug 4
":)" -Twilight on Jul 17
"Thanks for being you!" -~Winter~ On Break on Jul 16
"Thanks for being you!" -~Winter~ On Break on Jul 14
"I love your dogs!" -michael on Jul 3
"Have a great day!" -Lisa on Jul 1
"Nice job!" -Olivia on Jun 30
"You are awesome." -Tayla - Christmas season! on Jun 23
"You are awesome." -michael on Jun 22
"Nice job!" -Tayla - Christmas season! on Jun 5
"You are awesome." -CHIMONKEE on Jun 5
"Nice job!" -CHIMONKEE on Jun 3
"Nice job!" -Louise on May 26
"Have a great day!" -Izzy~School's Out!~ on May 20
"Have a great day!" -Olivia on May 18
":)" -Olivia on May 6

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