Kennel History

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Retirees of Kimors

AT (F) EGGG Red with Steel Blue SableOtterhound232787
CCRO Angelo RulezEnglish Cocker Spaniel372598
WCRO Beauty of BluebellsJapanese Chin382627
CCHT CarréréEnglish Cocker Spaniel382822
WCSh Chai Hu Kennel`s UmiEnglish Cocker Spaniel422599
CCSh ChallalaJapanese Chin402720
NCSh Change of SceneryJapanese Chin382888
WCFT ChelseaEnglish Cocker Spaniel372610
CCSh ChinigameJapanese Chin402732
NCSh ChinmersJapanese Chin372814
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Dogs Bred By Kimors

LockedFor StudNCHT K8 AravaEnglish Cocker Spaniel3789
LockedJAHT K8 ArginEnglish Cocker Spaniel1224
LockedAHT K8 AskiEnglish Cocker Spaniel1325
LockedChRO K8 CeeceeJapanese Chin2865
LockedGCRO K8 CerilJapanese Chin3274
LockedExHT K8 ChesterEnglish Cocker Spaniel2557
LockedFor StudCCHT K8 EminEnglish Cocker Spaniel3787
LockedFor StudCCHT K8 ErtekEnglish Cocker Spaniel4090
LockedFor StudNCHT K8 FillariEnglish Cocker Spaniel3887
LockedFor StudNCHT K8 GazelEnglish Cocker Spaniel3889

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08:01pm on Sep 22

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