Borking Doges Kennel

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Retirees of Borking Doges Kennel

NCA (13Hh) PaulyAustralian Shepherd521597
GCSh EARP -- cousinPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen411320
IPnO Galx 1.057 EEEE lalaGerman Shepherd Dog81392
JAT JPnH MMP 23HH-EEEE stmx4 lala 188/27Border Collie161394
WCT Fugy 7 I Want it That Way |kk EE bb Dd slsl Ayat Ssp mm rr Tt cwcwBorder Collie781594
MRO WH7 A Rose By Any Other Name Is Just As SweetSpinone Italiano251584
GCT BORK A Thousand SunsBeagle481111
JAFr BORK Ace of SpadesGolden Retriever141405
ASc BRKD Achille's PartyGerman Shepherd Dog171441
AH1Azawakh Hound11579

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10:53pm on Mar 7

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