Pure M

Kennel History

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Retirees of Pure M

AHT 11/1 gg LlaAmerican Cocker Spaniel212353
UCFT PuM* Aaron HillAmerican Cocker Spaniel582515
WCFT Abbey RoseEnglish Setter492925
UCSh PuM* AdrasteaEnglish Cocker Spaniel502991
WCFT PuM* AerabellaAmerican Cocker Spaniel522577
UCHT PuM* Al PoochinoAmerican Cocker Spaniel602515
WCSh PuM* Aleksander the GreatEnglish Cocker Spaniel522771
WCHT PuM* AlisonEnglish Cocker Spaniel522623
WCSh PuM* Alka-SeltzerEnglish Cocker Spaniel522771
UCFT PuM* All That JazzAmerican Cocker Spaniel532814
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Dogs Bred By Pure M

LockedJPnSh AlegrettoAmerican Cocker Spaniel722
LockedWCFT PuM* AprilEnglish Setter5193
LockedExRO PuM* CarolineEnglish Setter2746
LockedChSh SPAN Caroline 9HH lalaAmerican Cocker Spaniel3966
LockedAHT PuM* Charlie BrownEnglish Cocker Spaniel2337
LockedMFT CocolateAmerican Cocker Spaniel2474
LockedChSh Creme de la Creme 13 HH 2 hhAmerican Cocker Spaniel4575
LockedASh *TSK* Daddy's GirlAmerican Cocker Spaniel2342
LockedExHT SPAN Daisy 12HH LlAmerican Cocker Spaniel3457
LockedAHT DelisleAmerican Cocker Spaniel2333

Game Time

11:48am on Oct 19

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