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Retirees of Luxe Genetic Mill

NSc Luxe Starling (21-0 lala stmint intint)German Shepherd Dog526
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Dogs Bred By Luxe Genetic Mill

ASc Luxe AKC BansheeGerman Shepherd Dog2452
PnSc Luxe ArabellaGerman Shepherd Dog1125
JASc Luxe AtlasGerman Shepherd Dog1637
JAT Luxe B4Australian Shepherd1658
JASc Luxe BanditGerman Shepherd Dog1649
ND Luxe Basil (10-1 Lla stmcha chastm)American Pit Bull Terrier17
PnSc Luxe Black and White (Extreme Piebald) with Tan Points and Mask (5-4 Lla spdstm chaspd)American Pit Bull Terrier1155
PnT Luxe Black and White (Irish) (14-1 Lla agistr stmint)Australian Shepherd1125
ExH Luxe Black and White (Irish) (6-3 Lla intint intstm)Australian Shepherd3874
NT Luxe BlueAustralian Shepherd113

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10:45am on Jun 14

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