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Retirees of High Voltage Kennels

ZAP! 22 lala ce spdJack Russell Terrier1824
WCP ZAP! A Real RainChinook541821
WCRO ZAP! A Rite of PassageChinook711102
WCA ZAP! A Shade of GrayChinook671102
UCP ZAP! A Thousand MoonsChinook78971
WCP ZAP! A Thousand SunsChinook681102
WCO ZAP! About FaceKerry Blue Terrier551221
WCM ZAP! AccioPorcelaine581209
WCT ZAP! Actiones Secundum FideiPorcelaine80492
WCM ZAP! Actions Follow BeliefPorcelaine77492
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Dogs Bred By High Voltage Kennels

LockedNHu NSh GSKs (HPFD) Dreaming of Peace- GFGE Ee BB DD atat swsw Mm TT cchcchRat Terrier19
LockedJPnSh *PPK* Star's Hunter MorganBull Terrier621
Locked10/0 lalaWire Fox Terrier116
Locked10/0 lalaWire Fox Terrier116
Locked10/1 LlaWire Fox Terrier116
Locked10/2 LLWire Fox Terrier116
Locked10/3Wire Fox Terrier136
LockedAM 10/3 lalaBull Terrier2040
Locked10/3 lalaWire Fox Terrier116
Locked10/3 LlaWire Fox Terrier136

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