Confederate States of America Kennels

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Retirees of Confederate States of America Kennels

UCHu CSA "Bless Your Heart"Chihuahua90285
WCA CSA 1-Adam-12 1/2Chihuahua552101
WCT CSA 20 Minutes to DixiePlott78573
WCSc BGEVL 20 Mule TeamBoxer71143
CCM CSA 23HH Chocolate And BloodChihuahua551682
WCT CSA 3rd Times the Charm!Chihuahua542072
WCSh 8INK 8 Is Nuff CopyChihuahua581622
WCSh CSA A Case For ConfederacyChihuahua86634
WCP CSA A Dab of DixieRat Terrier80630
CCT CSA A Decade of DixieBlack and Tan Coonhound59483
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Dogs Bred By Confederate States of America Kennels

MSh CSA A Rebel River Runs through ItChihuahua2429
GCO CSA About TimeBoxer5066
WCSh CSA Born a RebelChihuahua7085
GCO BGEVL BudsyBoxer5166
JAA CSA Can't Touch ThisChihuahua1824
MRO CSA Canvassing the ConfederacyChihuahua2529
ExSh CSA Chain of Confederate Command*Chihuahua3235
JASc CSA Change of PaceBoxer1622
NSh CSA Chosen Southern PathChihuahua18
PnSh CSA Colored RoseChihuahua1217

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07:53pm on Apr 22

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