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Retirees of Dog`s Heaven

WCHT A Sense Of Nostalgia 3HH 3hhAmerican Indian Dog482770
WCO Beethoven Virus 5HH 3hhCaucasian Ovtcharka492741
SCSc Beloved Ghost 5HH 4hhDutch Shepherd483019
WCP Best Of Both Worlds 4HH 5hhCaucasian Ovtcharka482736
WCT Breeding Revolution II 21HH 0hhDutch Shepherd513004
SCT Bridal Mask 6HH 6hhDutch Shepherd483019
UCSc City Hunter 19HH 0hhDutch Shepherd512777
WCFl Da Te Bqh Ranila 18HHDutch Shepherd532729
WCA Da Te Prejalq 18HHDutch Shepherd542729
WCSc Da Vidq Kakvo E 22HHDutch Shepherd542729
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Dogs Bred By Dog`s Heaven

LockedWCSh DH A taka 22HHDutch Shepherd5497
LockedChA DH Alba 10HH 1hhAmerican Bulldog3256
LockedJASc DH Almost Perfect 23HHDutch Shepherd1117
LockedJASc DH Big Sun 23HHDutch Shepherd917
LockedChHT DH Bom 4HH 5hhAkita Inu3459
LockedChFl DH Brownie 22HH 0hhGolden Retriever3558
LockedASh DH Cha Virus 14HHCaucasian Ovtcharka1829
LockedNP DH Cha's Mocha 16HHCaucasian Ovtcharka18
LockedWCSc DH Chisto ili s led 21HHDutch Shepherd5497
LockedJASc DH Da Te Bqh Ranila II 23HHDutch Shepherd917

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