Krystle Caves Kennel

Kennel History

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Retirees of Krystle Caves Kennel

2Portuguese Water Dog11884
5Portuguese Water Dog11884
JPnH A Heart That BreaksShetland Sheepdog102640
AdmiralMiniature Australian Shepherd12256
WCW KryK~ AlbatrossPortuguese Water Dog501073
NH AriesMiniature Australian Shepherd12257
JPnFl Ashes In The SnowMiniature Australian Shepherd92640
GCA Autumn MorningBorder Collie40920
PnO Autumn's Fierce WindBorder Collie172399
JPnFl Beauty Kills A Thousand SoulsPuli152803
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Dogs Bred By Krystle Caves Kennel

LockedNP Akatosh Our King Of TimePortuguese Water Dog16
LockedNP Arkay's Darkest TombPortuguese Water Dog16
LockedND Azura's Dawn and DuskPortuguese Water Dog16
LockedNP Clavicus Vile's Darkest WishPortuguese Water Dog16
LockedNFl Death Curse of NamiraPortuguese Water Dog16
LockedNA Dibella's Light TouchPortuguese Water Dog16
LockedNFl Divine Wisdom of JulianosPortuguese Water Dog16
LockedNFl Forbidden Riddle of Hermaeus MoraPortuguese Water Dog16
LockedNP Hircine King of the HuntPortuguese Water Dog16
LockedNP Kynareth's Crashing StormPortuguese Water Dog16

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04:16am on Jun 6

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