League Championship Series Kennels

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Retirees of League Championship Series Kennels

NT All I NeedRottweiler12088
GCT .LCS. Believe The ImpossibleRottweiler382177
NCO .LCS. Carnival of RustAmerican Pit Bull Terrier392178
NCSc .LCS. Cradled in LoveRottweiler392178
CCSh .LCS. Dancing With The DevilAmerican Pit Bull Terrier402177
NCSc FHLK Diamond BlueGerman Shepherd Dog392177
WCW .LCS. Eyes of The WorldxGerman Shepherd Dog372172
GCT .LCS. Gutters of GoldxGerman Shepherd Dog372170
CCSc .LCS. I'll Sleep When I'm DeadGerman Shepherd Dog402178
AA Jump the GunAustralian Cattle Dog222033
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Dogs Bred By League Championship Series Kennels

LockedASc AmarantheGerman Shepherd Dog2550
LockedAM Dance With MeAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2550
LockedAO Dragon RebornAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2449
LockedMSc ElectroheartRottweiler2550
LockedChSc .LCS. Flesh and BoneGerman Shepherd Dog4191
LockedAP Kangaroo CryGerman Shepherd Dog2349
LockedAT Shot In The DarkGerman Shepherd Dog2450
LockedMSc .LCS. The Wicked SymphonyGerman Shepherd Dog3269
NT All I NeedRottweiler12088

Game Time

12:10pm on Sep 17

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