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Retirees of Chocobo Kennels

WCFT A Skyline's EmpathyNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever473150
WCFT MFr ChOc A Skyline's InfernoNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever582040
WCSh MRO A View of EmpiresAlaskan Klee Kai483071
WCHT MM ChOc AdrenalizeShiba Inu811605
MFr WCM ChOc AffectionAkita Inu592720
WCM AkemiAkita Inu483150
WCHT AmaneAkita Inu483150
ExFr WCM ChOc Amber JamShiba Inu562732
ExHT WCFr ChOc Amber LightShiba Inu831605
UCM MHT ChOc Amber Oceans [18 Lla 2cha 1.547]Shiba Inu91141
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Dogs Bred By Chocobo Kennels

For StudJAHT WCM ChOc Tiny Tokyo lala 3chaShiba Inu69100
LockedNHT ChOc 19Shiba Inu17
LockedChOc 20Shiba Inu16
Locked21Shiba Inu16
LockedNM ChOc 21 3chaShiba Inu17
LockedNM ChOc 21 lala 2chaShiba Inu111
Locked22Shiba Inu16
LockedNM ChOc 23 lala 4chaShiba Inu111
LockedMP WCFl ChOc A Chance to Shine [13 Lla 0stm]Samoyed67109
LockedCCSh MRO ChOc A Summer Kiss [17 LL 0cha]Alaskan Klee Kai5876

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03:46pm on May 13

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