Kylie's Legacy

Kennel History

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Retirees of Kylie's Legacy

CCT pibwv 3 GITMOs Full (L)Belgian Malinois59408
WCR KoWW A Better LifeAfricanis75477
WCSh TCK2 A Vaccine That Leads You To Take Another Vaccine?American Pit Bull Terrier64505
NCH AddieCatahoula Leopard Dog56415
UCSc KYLIE AddysonDoberman Pinscher87323
WCO AdelaideSilky Terrier53608
WCFl KYLIE AdleyAfghan Hound87324
MM ADOPT MEChinese Shar-Pei35439
MA ADOPT MEChinese Shar-Pei33439
ExM ADOPT MEChinese Shar-Pei35439
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Dogs Bred By Kylie's Legacy

ARO NESS 1.332x RaymondBichon Frise1984
MO 17 HH lala a 130 1.462Komondor3042
WCRO DDOGG 1A - 16HH/Lla/1.500xAlaskan Klee Kai73105
CCH ChSc 22HH AinaraBelgian Malinois6277
AO 23/0 Lla 1.525xBelgian Malinois2232
APnFl KYLIE AashviSiberian Husky1419
AP KYLIE AdaliaChinook2432
ExFr KYLIE AddalynnAinu Dog3541
PnM KYLIE AdileneAmerican Pit Bull Terrier1117
JASc KYLIE AdilynnAmerican White Shepherd1320

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01:42pm on Apr 14

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