Two Chain Kennels

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Retirees of Two Chain Kennels

AO Wundr 16HH lla Hulk But a DogGerman Shepherd Dog18349
GCSc CFks 18HH lala Don't Look BackGerman Shepherd Dog43352
GCD 2CK 18HH lla Water BabyGerman Shepherd Dog38270
AO Wundr 19HH lala She's a BeastGerman Shepherd Dog19348
ExSc BRKD 20HH Lla Let the Sunshine InGerman Shepherd Dog40354
ChT 2CK 21HH lala Model CitizenBelgian Tervuren45266
WCW PARIS 21HH lala You Go GirlGerman Shepherd Dog40283
GCT *NO* 24HH lala Rumor Has ItGerman Shepherd Dog55334
NT 3HH LL I Can Run to the MoonGerman Shepherd Dog5350
GCSc SYSEL 3HH Lla En Route to SuccessGerman Shepherd Dog52343
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Dogs Bred By Two Chain Kennels

CCFr Burning LandscapeBorzoi4999
MSc 2CK EEEE SK Ace of JuniperGerman Shepherd Dog2492
MSc 2CK levelBelgian Tervuren3156
MSc 2CK Long Dark NightGerman Shepherd Dog2770
For StudJASc 2CK Puppy 2German Shepherd Dog1696
NSc 2CK Puppy 2 22HH lala 1.025xGerman Shepherd Dog380
APnT Puppy 3 23HH lalaGerman Shepherd Dog13106
For StudNT 2CK SablefishGerman Shepherd Dog173
NA 2CK TepesGerman Shepherd Dog378
ExT 2CK Xena 22 EEEE lala. 1.065German Shepherd Dog3472

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10:31pm on Aug 17

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