Blue Feeders

Kennel History

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Retirees of Blue Feeders

MH BF309 24HH EEEE lala agix3 INT HIGHBorder Collie35179
JAH TANO 24HH lalaBorder Collie17157
JAH BaileyAzores Cattle Dog18168
AA BF309 BudBorder Collie24183
ChFl Roman ButchBorder Collie51194
APnFl CharlieBearded Collie14156
AH CocoBorder Collie19168
JAH GusBorder Collie17168
AH NFl BF309 LyskaAustralian Cattle Dog22165
AFT MollySussex Spaniel17163
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Dogs Bred By Blue Feeders

MH BF309 CamilaBorder Collie29114
MFT BF309 Phantom in the NightAmerican Cocker Spaniel2766
Puppy 11Border Collie193
GCP BF309 Puppy 8Australian Cattle Dog4597
LockedNA BF309 Mystics Save the PlanetBearded Collie19
LockedIPnH PaniniBorder Collie1026
LockedJPnFT BF309 Puppy 10American Cocker Spaniel519
LockedFor StudPnA BF309 RicoRough Collie1023
LockedAH BF309 SpartaBorder Collie2785
LockedIPnFl BF309 [18HH EEEE] Lla 1.038x BootsBorder Collie1022

Game Time

12:58pm on Jul 25

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