Silver Springs

Kennel History

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Retirees of Silver Springs

ExO GMT BuckleyCaucasian Ovtcharka35454
MM [KLS] JamBorder Collie27353
AH KessyBorder Collie25345
AA LunaBorder Collie24346
JAFr MayaLabrador Retriever14399
AT PheonixBoerboel20246
IPnH PheonixBorder Collie10234
JPnH PheonixBorder Collie9234
PnFl PheonixBorder Collie10234
PheonixBorder Collie1234
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Dogs Bred By Silver Springs

For StudIPnH Puppy 3Border Collie1095
LockedJPnA U•o•U AlbaBorder Collie817
LockedJPnFl AA SsSs Almond JoyBorder Collie2454
LockedIPnA U•o•U BambooAustralian Koolie1024
LockedIPnA BootsBorder Collie919
LockedJPnFl Brindle Red and White (Irish) with Black Sable and Ticking 11Hh 12Hh 1hhBorder Collie717
LockedJPnO Brindle Red with Black Sable 13HH 9Hh 2hhBorder Collie616
LockedNFl U•o•U ButtercupBorder Collie514
LockedCharcole JBorder Collie146
LockedJPnFl SsSs Chocolate ChipBorder Collie718

Game Time

12:08am on Nov 29

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