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Retirees of StrongSteel

JAM 'MiraDachshund16587
GCW vC 15 HH 2 hh llaGerman Shepherd Dog23594
ASh PuMs 22/0 Lla strspd intcha||24HHEnglish Cocker Spaniel23590
MH KUSH 23.1.0*Border Collie29683
AFT PuMs 23/0 lala stmstm intcha||24 HHEnglish Cocker Spaniel23590
NH StFr 24 IsabellaBorder Collie1555
StFr 24 Roaned Red and White (Extreme Piebald)English Cocker Spaniel1553
APnH SPNR 24HHCentral Asian Shepherd13573
AP StFr 4 HH 15 Hh 5 hh GGGG 18 White HellaPuli20589
AP BBCK2 9HH Lla 2strAkbash Dog25609
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Dogs Bred By StrongSteel

LockedJPnA STST ## 1.008 ## - 24hh - Lla agiagi spdchaCatahoula Leopard Dog616
LockedJAHT STST ***Hold My Heart 24HH EEEE lalaEnglish Cocker Spaniel1474
LockedJAA STST ***Stop And Stare 24HH EEEE lalaEnglish Cocker Spaniel1474
LockedNFl STST 22HHBorder Collie18
LockedMT STST 24HH lala 3spd chaCatahoula Leopard Dog3464
LockedMT STST AbbyCatahoula Leopard Dog2769
LockedIPnSh STST AshleyStaffordshire Bull Terrier1046
LockedAPnSh STST BlizzardAkita1442
LockedSTST BravoCatahoula Leopard Dog122
LockedFor StudNCHT STST HyperionEnglish Cocker Spaniel5096

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10:17pm on Oct 2

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