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Retirees of Bazillion Kennels

NFl Chess BlockBorder Collie727
ANT Chess Block 2.0Border Collie727
JPnM Chess PatchBorder Collie930
JPnT Chihuahua BlackChihuahua929
JPnO Chihuahua FawnWhiteChihuahua1031
IPnFr YR&RK Retire after breedAinu Dog1030
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Dogs Bred By Bazillion Kennels

Return to #1583443 EGEE 9HH 1hh llaAinu Dog17
LockedFor StudAT SGCA DamienFinnish Lapphund1957
LockedNT Puppy 2Finnish Lapphund17
LockedReturn to #1583443 EEEE 11HH LlaBorder Collie16
LockedReturn to #1583443 EGEE 12HH 1hh lalaAinu Dog16
LockedReturn to #1583443 EGEG 11HH 3hh LlaBorder Collie17
LockedReturn to #1583443 EGGG 12HH 4hh lalaBorder Collie16
JAO LolaAmerican Pit Bull Terrier16177

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