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Dogs Bred By Aussie winds Kennel

AFl KWA Strawberry ShortcakeAustralian Shepherd2573
LockedAPnFr (B) Latte EEEEAustralian Shepherd1147
LockedJAT (B) Lucky EGEGAustralian Shepherd1555
LockedIPnH (B) Mint EEEEAustralian Shepherd1149
LockedJPnT (B) River EEEEAustralian Shepherd628
LockedPnS BeakerChinook1046
LockedAPnH BelladonnaAustralian Shepherd1256
LockedNH Border CollieBorder Collie323
LockedMA WWRC Brindle Red Merle with Isabella SableAustralian Shepherd3462
LockedFor StudJPnH DowntownAustralian Shepherd720

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02:30am on Nov 25

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