Twisted G Acres

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Retirees of Twisted G Acres

ARO MFl *MCK* Red Clover [Red] [4G] [3HH]Irish Setter34200
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Dogs Bred By Twisted G Acres

LockedNFl TWST AlecBorder Collie114
LockedIPnH TWST Animal I Have BecomeAustralian Cattle Dog721
LockedAH TWST Arms RaceAustralian Cattle Dog2155
LockedNH TWST AstroBorder Collie111
LockedIPnA TWST AtlasKelpie924
LockedJPnFr TWST Bad GirlfriendAustralian Cattle Dog823
LockedIPnFr TWST Basket CaseAustralian Cattle Dog823
LockedNFl TWST Black BettyAustralian Cattle Dog111
LockedAH TWST BlinkAustralian Cattle Dog2156
LockedJPnRO TWST BurnieBrittany720

Game Time

05:56am on Jul 10

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