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Retirees of Sarah's Kennel

AA 3-1,LlaIcelandic Sheepdog19327
AA 4-1,LlIcelandic Sheepdog17327
JPnT 4-3,llaIcelandic Sheepdog6300
JPnSh 6-1,LlIcelandic Sheepdog6300
IPnFl 8-1,llaIcelandic Sheepdog7300
JPnP 8-3,llaIcelandic Sheepdog6300
AFl Amazing DustIcelandic Sheepdog16327
AA Amazing Lie 4-1,lalaIcelandic Sheepdog18327
JPnA Be Carefull (LL,13-4)Icelandic Sheepdog4314
NCA {§K} Chiva 24German Shepherd Dog65393
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Dogs Bred By Sarah's Kennel

LockedJAFl 12,LlIcelandic Sheepdog1326
LockedJPnA 12-1,LlIcelandic Sheepdog412
LockedNM 12-1,LlIcelandic Sheepdog110
LockedNFl 12-2,LlIcelandic Sheepdog111
LockedJPnFl 15,LlIcelandic Sheepdog412
LockedANM 8-2,lalaIcelandic Sheepdog312
LockedNFl 9-2,lala,agiIcelandic Sheepdog19
LockedAPnO lla,10-4Icelandic Sheepdog1226
LockedIPnO Puppy 10Chihuahua816
JPnT 4-3,llaIcelandic Sheepdog6300

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02:51pm on Oct 26

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