The Divine Eyes Of Angels And Demons

Kennel History

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Retirees of The Divine Eyes Of Angels And Demons

CCHu Udûn 6.16.2 GGEEEnglish Foxhound54677
NCH CAMB Adelaide GEGE lla 5HH/3hh 1.000Finnish Lapphund52531
NCSc DEAD Aelyss GGGE Ll 10HH/3hh 1.000American Bulldog54269
NCR UnDu Aldi 1x FGEG llaAfricanis51655
NCFl VUXPK AlinaGolden Retriever59647
GCR DEAD Ally 4x EGGG LlaAzawakh Hound45656
GCR DEAD Amina EGGG lla 6HH/5hh 1.000Sloughi47572
NCSc DEAD Angelic GGGF lala 7HH/8hh 0.970Doberman Pinscher54277
GCHT DEAD Anna GEGE LL 5HH/3hh 0.945Sussex Spaniel44546
AP DEAD Antone GGGG Lla 8HH/6hh 1.003Greenland Dog19550
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Dogs Bred By The Divine Eyes Of Angels And Demons

AH DEAD 24HH lala 3stm 1.393x Bred:0Border Collie2050
MH DEAD Wild SparkBorder Collie3255
LockedJPnD DEAD "Wren" On the Raven's WingBorder Collie414
LockedMFl DEAD (EEEE lala chaagi spdstm 24HH)Border Collie2953
LockedMH MFl DEAD 18HH AndroidBorder Collie38114
LockedNR DEAD 21HH SeosaimhthínWhippet112
LockedANO NP DEAD 23.3 PikachuRough Collie113
LockedNCR DEAD Aconia GEEE lla cha/spd 10HH/1hh 1.320Silken Windhound5166
LockedIPnH DEAD Adelaide II GEGE lla agi/agi 10HH/3hh 1.228Finnish Lapphund917
LockedWCFT DEAD AdjunEnglish Foxhound5683

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01:09am on Aug 2

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