The Rescue Elite

Kennel History

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Retirees of The Rescue Elite

AD (A) ErinLabrador Retriever141045
AR TRE - Scottish DeerhoundScottish Deerhound211027
ARO PCKC 11HHStandard Poodle161013
ANH Nerds 21HH Counting StarsShetland Sheepdog6980
IPnSh 24/7Golden Retriever91018
AA RWTS 5HH *Level 20 Achievement*American Bulldog201016
StFr 6 HH 12 Hh 6 hh EFGG 18English Foxhound11018
PnW PCKC 9HH lalaSaint Bernard5964
AFT Admiral doneBrittany171009
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Dogs Bred By The Rescue Elite

LockedNFr TRE Angle 18 HHBorder Collie323
LockedNM BluestarDalmatian352
LockedFor StudJPnO BrownieBorder Collie7110
LockedFor StudAHu TRE CardinalBorder Collie24100
LockedIPnA TRE Chocolate MilkshakeBorder Collie870
LockedTRE How it use to beBorder Collie120
LockedAPnH ~TDK~ Infinity 12HH 0.963xBorder Collie1124
LockedMSh DaY6 Janie's got a gunBorder Collie33110
LockedIPnT Just Getting StartedBorder Collie1032
LockedNH LifeBorder Collie16

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10:15pm on Aug 17

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