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Retirees of Stormy Nights Kennel

ICSc Kibas * LegacyGerman Shepherd Dog118153
ICSc Kibas **Antilochus//800(Int)German Shepherd Dog115348
UCSc Kibas **CoeusGerman Shepherd Dog114277
ICSc Kibas **Danaë//807(Int)German Shepherd Dog114276
ICSc Kibas **Heracles//800(Int)German Shepherd Dog114276
ICSc Kibas **Icarus//810(Int)German Shepherd Dog116275
ICSc Kibas **Penelope//807(Int)German Shepherd Dog114276
ICSc Kibas **PhanesGerman Shepherd Dog114277
UCSc Kibas **Silver Storm's Into the Mystic//658German Shepherd Dog1011035
UCSc Kibas **Silver Storm's Midnight Hour//662German Shepherd Dog1031036
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Dogs Bred By Stormy Nights Kennel

LockedNCFl Kibas 'll Cover YouLapponian Herder5661
LockedNCSc Kibas (Don't Fear) the ReaperBelgian Sheepdog5969
LockedUCSc Kibas **AskalaphosGerman Shepherd Dog113101
LockedUCSc Kibas **IapetusGerman Shepherd Dog112102
LockedUCSc Kibas **OceanusGerman Shepherd Dog110102
LockedICSc Kibas **PersesGerman Shepherd Dog115103
LockedUCSc Kibas **Silver Storm's Wishing He Was Dead//658German Shepherd Dog101102
LockedICSc Kibas **Stiorra//807(Int)German Shepherd Dog114110
LockedICSc Kibas **TenesGerman Shepherd Dog116101
LockedUCSc Kibas *Candy MorningstarGerman Shepherd Dog108101

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04:34am on Mar 28

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