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Retirees of 5 by 5 Kennel

WCFr *Bx* A Good Man Goes to War (chr)Boxer52418
CCSh HknG *LT* Night Terror (str)Bull Terrier51421
NCA TG *NF* Day of the Moon (int)Norwich Terrier59414
CCR *SW* Closing Time (spd)Silken Windhound46426
ChSc 5x5 A Place Called Home (str)Belgian Malinois39469
WCE 5x5 A Stone of the Heart (spd)Cairn Terrier40454
WCH M+K Accio Firebolt (int)Australian Shepherd63402
ChA 5x5 Age of Steel (agi)Shetland Sheepdog41448
WCRO ~*E~* Ain't it a Fine LifePomeranian68281
UCE FSss All For OneManchester Terrier60275
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Dogs Bred By 5 by 5 Kennel

WCFl 5x5 Defiant To The EndGreyhound7196
GCFl 5x5 KiraIrish Wolfhound5172
PnHu 5x5 NoelaniSilken Windhound1078
AT 5x5 Only ExceptionBeagle2763
MHT 5x5 PepeBoxer3777
WCFT 5x5 Sea BendIrish Setter68103
AR GRTI Sweet PotatoSilken Windhound2854
Locked5x5 (E's) CooperSilken Windhound16
Locked5x5 (E's) QueenMiniature Bull Terrier16
LockedJPnFl GCA 5x5 (EEEE lala agiagi chaspd 18HH) LNONEShetland Sheepdog5284

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08:27pm on Oct 26

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