Happy Paws and Souls

Kennel History

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Retirees of Happy Paws and Souls

ChO AziBeauceron41752
ND BaileyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier1870
MP PXL BARLOW BULLIES LylahAmerican Pit Bull Terrier33792
AFr TCBS BeanieDachshund20784
JPnA Brun extreme 2HhBorder Collie1932
ANH CollieBorder Collie1894
ANFr ColtBlack and Tan Coonhound1896
IPnT CoonyBlack and Tan Coonhound2916
GCO AFr SDK~ CreamChinook49757
MHT DaliliaBoxer29770
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Dogs Bred By Happy Paws and Souls

LockedJPnM MD HHRK 10HH 4hhNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever2864
LockedJAP H@ppi 3HH llaGolden Retriever1436
LockedJAFT 5HH GGEF Lla (1)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever1234
LockedAP AlexusGolden Retriever1734
LockedAPnO AmberWest Siberian Laika920
LockedAPnS H@ppi Boogie Woogie WuuChinook719
LockedAHT CamoBoxer2361
LockedExM CJ 12HH EEGE Lla UuChinook3775
LockedAD CodyGolden Retriever1836
LockedAD DaliliaGolden Retriever1836

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10:00am on Feb 27

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