Miau's Kennel

Kennel History

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Retirees of Miau's Kennel

NA 18 HH cream with Isabella SableAustralian Koolie41050
JPnH A. Mudi Casey 3goodMudi71040
JPnT A.Mudi Jake 2goodMudi61034
JPnT A.Mudi Molly 2goodMudi71038
ANA BlueFinnish Lapphund61051
IPnA J-5 LassieRough Collie101098
JPnH Lucky 3goodRough Collie81089
JPnSh LumpiBichon Frise81083
NFl PET Puppy 1Catahoula Leopard Dog11027
Puppy 2Mudi11023
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Dogs Bred By Miau's Kennel

LockedANH ExFr RemiRough Collie3372
Puppy 2Mudi11023
NFl SpottyMudi11026
JPnFl WoofyRough Collie71077

Game Time

10:43am on Jul 25

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