Harley's Happy Place

Kennel History

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Retirees of Harley's Happy Place

AP *LF* CurreyAlaskan Malamute171044
MSc Reapr Agustus: GSD IsabellaGerman Shepherd Dog32954
AO 1010 AprilCaucasian Ovtcharka201250
PnH ZEE BearCaucasian Ovtcharka14985
MFl NFr mnsz Bolt: GSD Blue with Tan Points and MaskGerman Shepherd Dog33956
AD TSBH BRCCK DaisyGerman Shepherd Dog191178
GCSc Cookie GSD: Silver and White (Irish) with Black SableGerman Shepherd Dog43263
JAP KiWi~ DaisyBernese Mountain Dog151005
JAA H4L HawkGerman Shepherd Dog171335
AH JFIRE Holly: GSD Silver with Chocolate Sable and MaskGerman Shepherd Dog23574
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Dogs Bred By Harley's Happy Place

GCSc LueGerman Shepherd Dog5093
For StudPnSc Senza Tempo *Fear of Jail*German Shepherd Dog1258
LockedNHT 1e3gLla 10HH 10Hh 4hhAkita17
LockedAPnW 24HH lala FrostGerman Shepherd Dog1034
LockedNS 2e2g 9HH 12Hh 3hhGreenland Dog19
LockedNT TMGKC AlbarnGerman Shepherd Dog113
LockedNCSh SUN’s American BeautyBull Terrier4888
LockedFor StudAT ata lalaGerman Shepherd Dog26106
LockedAPnT Atropa BelladonnaGerman Shepherd Dog1431
LockedIPnO Auggie: g3 e1 Fawn and White (Irish) with TickingAidi927

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07:11pm on May 15

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