~Dream Catchers~

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Retirees of ~Dream Catchers~

APnS })i({ 0.908 PilotAlaskan Malamute11893
JAH ~EDC~ 1.045x (4x stm)Border Collie16203
IPnT NCHs* 24HH Red and White (Irish) with TickingBorder Collie101319
AFr LDS 7HH 12Hh 5hhGreyhound20890
8HH 6hh lla STR GGGGWelsh Springer Spaniel1820
A milllion dreamsIcelandic Sheepdog1904
ChT ~EDC~ A sweet surprise {24HH lala 4E}Border Collie41889
MO AA BEAN AccaliaSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier32955
JPnH z.e.n AechteCardigan Welsh Corgi10981
IPnH ChoRs Anna 14/2Leonberger111317
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Dogs Bred By ~Dream Catchers~

LockedExM ~EDC~ (OOK) Sand DunesBorder Collie32109
LockedAH ~EDC~ 24/0 lala 1.2 toasty marshmallowBorder Collie2338
LockedFor Private SaleAFr 24HH lala 3xstmBorder Collie1837
LockedIPnH ~EDC~ 4x Stm // 73 // lalaBorder Collie1050
LockedJAA AgilityBorder Collie1334
LockedJAA AgilityBorder Collie1334
LockedAPnA AgilityBorder Collie1334
LockedJAA Agility 1.030xBorder Collie1334
LockedJAH ~EDC~ Aliyah ~ 1.287xBorder Collie1429
LockedJAH ~EDC~ Ambriel ~ 1.290xBorder Collie1430

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05:45am on Mar 3

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