~ Endless Possibilities ~

Kennel History

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Retirees of ~ Endless Possibilities ~

ExT xoxox ** EEGG Lla intint agistr 3HH QuilCzechoslovakian Wolfdog401908
MSh 5STAR *** GEGG 4HH ll A Legacy Born From a DreamStaffordshire Bull Terrier341253
JAH TEARS *** PatchBorder Collie161262
ARO D^^R **GGGE Lla agicha chastr 2HH BoomerBulldog241901
MSc BK´s *0* EEEE lala strstr intint 24HH FlickiRottweiler311262
MT JBA *0* GEGG Ll agiagi spdstm 5HH ForestCzechoslovakian Wolfdog321261
MP DkR *0* GEGG Ll agicha intint 5HH PhiliaRottweiler301260
APnSh Ubu *2* EEEE 24HH Lla Mardi GrasAmerican Pit Bull Terrier121589
AP STRMI BeauregardBulldog241264
MT GGEG 9HH lla Trinity *1*Czechoslovakian Wolfdog251269
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Dogs Bred By ~ Endless Possibilities ~

LockedFor Public SaleNSh ND ~EP~ 24HH lala 3xcha 1.178xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier18
LockedFor Public SaleAFl ~EP~ AluCzechoslovakian Wolfdog2048
LockedMSh WCGK James BayBull Terrier3296
ChT ~EP~ Berth GEEG Lla 9HH 2hhRottweiler461600
GCSc ~EP~ Christie EEGG Ll 9HH 2hhRottweiler461600
CCSh DERRICK (24HH lala) EEEE Brindle Blue with Tan pointsAmerican Pit Bull Terrier61957
AM ~EP~ EzraBull Terrier201116
AH Gazelle (24HH) ++Border Collie251259
ExO OBS Macy [9HH 0hh LL 2int]Rottweiler221301
NSc ~EP~ Mr. QRottweiler11843

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03:05am on Jan 16

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