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Retirees of typo kingdmo

PnA "A Winter's Ball"Australian Koolie11159
PnT "A Winter's Ball"Australian Koolie13164
PnA "Beautiful"Australian Koolie11159
PnA "Beautiful"Australian Koolie13163
IPnT "Best of Wives and Best of Women"Australian Koolie12159
IPnA "Blow Us All Away"Australian Koolie11159
PnA "Burn"Australian Koolie11159
IPnT "Cabinet Battle #1"Australian Koolie11159
PnA "Cabinet Battle #1"Australian Koolie13164
IPnT "Cabinet Battle #2"Australian Koolie11159
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Dogs Bred By typo kingdmo

For StudAT ghack FinchAustralian Koolie2959
LockedNT Cinderace (strint intcha) LlaAustralian Koolie110
LockedANFl C.L.K DominicAustralian Koolie413
LockedElio (intstm strcha) LlaAustralian Koolie17
LockedGoooooooodra (stmagi intcha) llaAustralian Koolie17
LockedAPnH ghack GuavaAustralian Koolie1547
LockedIPnFr C.L.K JoansAustralian Koolie986
LockedNH Milo (agiagi intstr) lalaAustralian Koolie112
Lockedghack Puppy 1Australian Koolie16
LockedNH Raboot (chaint intagi)Australian Koolie110

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09:03pm on Oct 26

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