Springlia's kennel

Kennel History

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Retirees of Springlia's kennel

NA TEARS *1930537Bearded Collie11761
JPnFT SRO 500 Shades of GreyGordon Setter82409
GCFT BFR A Pinch O' LuckFlat Coated Retriever381846
GCFr SRO AdamandFlat Coated Retriever432266
MFT ~NL~ AMITY WIKELStabyhoun262477
JASc KIERR AriahGerman Shepherd Dog141769
PnT Away to the SunHarrier131757
GCFT SRO Baileys XtremeFlat Coated Retriever402293
IPnSh PXL BARLOW'S BasilioTibetan Mastiff101743
PnFl NFr PXL BARLOW'S CallieAfricanis111747
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Dogs Bred By Springlia's kennel

LockedMFT SRO 1 Spirits of Ancient EgyptEnglish Springer Spaniel2351
LockedMFT SRO 1 You Gave Me the AnswerEnglish Springer Spaniel2351
LockedMHT SRO 2 Band on the RunEnglish Springer Spaniel3067
LockedFor StudJAO SRO 2089331Flat Coated Retriever1524
LockedAPnSh SRO 24HHEnglish Springer Spaniel1531
LockedFor StudExO SRO A Tale of Two CitiesWelsh Springer Spaniel3278
LockedAFT SRO All Hands In The AirFlat Coated Retriever1535
LockedAFr SRO AngellessonsBorder Collie1875
LockedMFT SRO BastiaEnglish Cocker Spaniel2663
LockedFor StudExM SRO Be The BestFlat Coated Retriever3586

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10:08pm on Sep 19

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