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Retirees of Nadine's Kennel

ExS (10HH) Brindle Red/Blue SableAmerican Indian Dog312427
AHT 1.093xAmerican Indian Dog222404
AHT ~NL~ 5HH 3hh Ll agispd agiagiAmerican Indian Dog222448
JPnH NH APnSh A In 15HH 4EBearded Collie132390
ChFl NPK Alexis--13HH EGEGBorzoi392495
ChA JAT RCS AngelLapponian Herder382506
MHT BongoAmerican Indian Dog222447
CCM Bridger' Storm ShellBearded Collie602476
WCH BRK Bridger's Sergeant JesterBearded Collie612470
PnFl EEEE CelineLapponian Herder122553
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Dogs Bred By Nadine's Kennel

LockedAR 12 EEEE lalaAfghan Hound2251
LockedMR 12HH EEEEBorzoi2750
LockedJPnA JPnSh --'-@ A Cup of Tea EEEE 24HHLapponian Herder1024
LockedExA Blizzard 24HHBorder Collie3159
LockedMHT IPnFl Blue MoonshineStandard Poodle2956
LockedIPnA Chocolate CreamLapponian Herder716
LockedPnM DawnGreat Dane1048
LockedAFl KantiAfghan Hound2049
LockedMRO ~M.D~ Midnight Dreams' I Want To Love Somebody -EEEE-14HHStandard Poodle3057
LockedNCT TGHK NatalieBorder Collie53101

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08:02am on Jul 25

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