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Retirees of Lucy's Kennel

IPnSc LUCY Admiral 4Belgian Tervuren92259
JPnT LUCY Amely 4Doberman Pinscher52253
PnSc LUCY Apollo 4Doberman Pinscher112266
PnT LUCY Artemis 4Silken Windhound112268
MFl LUCY Chip 4Silken Windhound252311
APnR LUCY Clara 4Silken Windhound122273
JPnFT LUCY Elize 4English Springer Spaniel52254
Flop 4Doberman Pinscher12189
IPnR LUCY Laura 4Silken Windhound82260
NFl Laura 4Silken Windhound42248
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Dogs Bred By Lucy's Kennel

LockedPnP AbigailSilken Windhound922
LockedJAFl AfraSilken Windhound1530
LockedJAFl AllureSilken Windhound1533
LockedFor StudChSc -DHK- AnzacDoberman Pinscher4185
LockedAPnSc LUCY ApolloAmerican Pit Bull Terrier1223
LockedAFr AugustSilken Windhound1634
LockedAFr BlackySilken Windhound1634
LockedNR Blue 1Silken Windhound18
LockedAPnP LUCY BoySilken Windhound1127
LockedNSc LUCY Bring me the HorizonAmerican Pit Bull Terrier17

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08:34am on Apr 16

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