Love-A-Pup Kennel Club

Kennel History

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Retirees of Love-A-Pup Kennel Club

AH AmberfrostBorder Collie242111
IPnH !LDK! BristlefootBorder Collie102044
AH BrownclawBorder Collie162014
MSc LKC CaspianGerman Shepherd Dog292256
MH EMR CloudskyBorder Collie252114
APnH CocoaheartBorder Collie132008
MT BBCK FieldfeatherBorder Collie272180
MH Girl On FireBorder Collie232397
AA KingoBorder Collie162399
MH BBCK MidnightpeltBorder Collie272182
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Dogs Bred By Love-A-Pup Kennel Club

LockedAPnSc BaccaGerman Shepherd Dog1440
LockedJAH BlackpeltBorder Collie14112
LockedNH BluepatchBorder Collie265
LockedAPnSc BraylenGerman Shepherd Dog1335
LockedNH BrightfireBorder Collie165
LockedAPnH BrindleheartBorder Collie12103
LockedMSc LKC ChanceGerman Shepherd Dog2361
LockedNH Coal in the FireplaceBorder Collie522
LockedAPnH CreamyclawBorder Collie13117
LockedNH DarkfootBorder Collie474

Game Time

03:39pm on Mar 30

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