Lurcool Sighthounds Kennel

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Retirees of Lurcool Sighthounds Kennel

MR * The Thief and His MasterGreyhound232658
MR * All Kinds Of FurChart Polski222657
ExR * Hansel and GretelChart Polski272680
NCR * Red JackGreyhound372730
NCR * The Bright Sun Brings it to LightAzawakh Hound352722
MR LcS * The Clever Little TailorAzawakh Hound202652
GCR * The Elves and the ShoemakerGreyhound332705
JAR LcS * The Seven RavensSloughi92624
ExR * The Spirit in the BottleAzawakh Hound262674
MT * The Twelve HuntsmenChart Polski242670
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Dogs Bred By Lurcool Sighthounds Kennel

MR LcS * Little StarAfghan Hound2964
LockedAR LcS * The Three Little Men in the WoodsSloughi1337
LockedJAR LcS * The Water of LifeAzawakh Hound1230
LockedIPnR LcS * Donkey CabbagesIrish Wolfhound515
LockedJAR LcS * Foundling-BirdSloughi1228
LockedAR LcS * Hans My HedgehogAzawakh Hound1850
LockedMR LcS * Little Red CapSloughi2361
LockedAR LcS * RapunzelSloughi1844
LockedIPnR LcS * The Blue LightAzawakh Hound515
LockedMR LcS * The Frog King Or Iron HeinrichSloughi2361

Game Time

01:50pm on Jan 24

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