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Retirees of My dog pack

IPnFl *LCK* "Soma" (Blue Merle and white;;Irish) {Kk EmE Bb DD }Border Collie102870
ExA 20HH/4Hh/0hh ll (Black and White (Irish) with Red Points)Border Collie313007
NFl A litter of 3 puppy 2 but father varjack and mum holly rare colours but ok genesAlaskan Husky22855
JAS a normal free catCanadian Eskimo Dog112962
a street catCanadian Eskimo Dog12861
JPnA AmyBorder Collie62946
AS aunt juniCanadian Eskimo Dog152976
APnS BaltoAlaskan Husky92881
NP BellaAlaskan Husky22860
BellaAlaskan Husky12191
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Dogs Bred By My dog pack

LockedPnP AshAlaskan Husky1188
LockedNS CaramelAlaskan Husky16
LockedNP ChocolateAlaskan Husky112
LockedANFl CustardAlaskan Husky112
LockedMS Dandelion DropsCanadian Eskimo Dog2070
LockedANFl GreyAlaskan Husky413
LockedNS JackAlaskan Husky16
LockedNT JakeAlaskan Husky112
LockedANS MistyAlaskan Husky112
LockedNP Puppy 2Alaskan Husky175

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