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Dogs Bred By Ancient Instinct

LockedNCFl Fao's Australia's TorpedoBorder Collie4782
LockedPnS Autonomous TargetAlaskan Husky818
LockedWCSc Fao's Bad Calibration [24HH]German Shepherd Dog57100
LockedWCSc Fao's Bean Leaf [24HH]German Shepherd Dog57100
LockedCCSc Fao's Borderline History [24HH]German Shepherd Dog55100
LockedIPnP Capital PetAlaskan Husky818
LockedWCW *Fao! Chief DistractionGerman Shepherd Dog57100
LockedWCSc Fao's Danger Cake [24HH]German Shepherd Dog56100
LockedIPnFr Divine HistorianAlaskan Husky818
LockedGCFl Fao's Dragon SparBorder Collie46119
LockedIPnT Excellent ChickenAlaskan Husky818
LockedWCO Fao's False Arson [24HH]German Shepherd Dog56100
LockedPnS Fatal ThreatAlaskan Husky818
LockedWCFl *Fao! Give Me Pecan [24HH]German Shepherd Dog57100
LockedCCSc *Fao! Hey Ace [24HH]German Shepherd Dog54100
LockedNCS Fao's Honeysuckle KidSiberian Husky4274
LockedWCSc Fao's Hot Donut [24HH]German Shepherd Dog57100
LockedJAFl *Fao! Life Size 5HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog1427
LockedWCW *Fao! Magical RaisinGerman Shepherd Dog55100
LockedCCS Fao's Marshmallow CubeSiberian Husky4474
LockedNCS Fao's Night GunSiberian Husky4474
LockedWCSc Fao's Peanut Butter Victory [24HH]German Shepherd Dog57100
LockedCCSc Fao's Pina Colada Doom [24HH]German Shepherd Dog55100
LockedCCSc Fao's Presidential Shield [24HH]German Shepherd Dog51100
LockedCCSc Fao's Road of Nugget [24HH]German Shepherd Dog56100
LockedWCO *Fao! Royal StoryGerman Shepherd Dog54100
LockedIPnP Running BusinessmanAlaskan Husky818
LockedWCW *Fao! Scottish DefenseGerman Shepherd Dog58100
LockedIPnP Solar SlaveAlaskan Husky918
LockedNCFl Fao's Spider PrinceBorder Collie46119
LockedNCFl Fao's Sublime ValentineBorder Collie48119
LockedCCSc Fao's Sudden BrickGerman Shepherd Dog53100
LockedIPnRO Underground HeroAlaskan Husky818
LockedCCH *Fao! Unfamiliar SignatureGerman Shepherd Dog55100
LockedWCO *Fao! What an Appetite [24HH]German Shepherd Dog57100
MA Another Day 6HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog252221
JAP *Fao! Aurora 7HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog111735
MRO Change of Seasons 6HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog252222
Clock Dance 5HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog12197
APnSc *Fao! Crystal Quartz 7HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog111734
APnRO *Fao! Dream Diary 10HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog101734
JAFl GlistenSaarloos Wolfdog112067
WCS Love is WarSiberian Husky411980
Puppy 4Alaskan Husky1547
MRO Skyline 6HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog252221
MRO Star Box 5HHGreater Swiss Mountain Dog242221
PnT *Fao! who turned out the lightsGreater Swiss Mountain Dog111733

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10:33pm on Feb 19

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