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"He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights."
Psalm 18:33

Hey, I'm Faomella! Most people call me Fao.
My name is pronounced Fow-mella.

Birthday: 2/15
I live in the tamed prairies of the Midwest USA with my trusty mutt Jack.
I am an archer and an artist.
If I'm not working on my next art project for school,
then I'm probably memeing around somewhere online.

Click to get to my commissions website.

Click for my main character, Yuu.

Commission Status:
For up-to-date information on commissions, click here.
None! I can breathe.

Recent Commissions:
1) Jade #1199530 - Base w/background
2) Jade #1199539 - Base w/two backgrounds
3) Nadias #1010219 - Character sheet w/quarter headshot + sitting fullview
hqdefault_by_faomella-dbicbh9.jpg hqdefault__1__by_faomella-dbicbhn.jpg hqdefault__2__by_faomella-dbicbhk.jpghqdefault__3__by_faomella-dbicbhd.jpg
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