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Dogs Bred By from Hollow Oaks

LockedAH fHO 155Border Collie2152
LockedMH fHO 156Border Collie3070
LockedExH fHO 157Cardigan Welsh Corgi4088
LockedMT fHO 158Australian Shepherd3070
LockedMH fHO 171Border Collie3070
LockedMT fHO A Mythical CreatureBasset Hound3480
LockedFor StudGCH fHO A Real GentlemenCardigan Welsh Corgi47103
LockedFor StudGCFl fHO A Ruffian on the StreetBerger Picard49104
LockedASc fHO A Spoonfull of SugarGerman Shepherd Dog2159
LockedFor StudChH fHO Barbossa of the Black PearlCardigan Welsh Corgi44118
LockedNFl *PPW* Basra (locked)Cardigan Welsh Corgi16
LockedAH fHO Björn LothbrokCardigan Welsh Corgi2358
LockedAT fHO Earning my FreedomPembroke Welsh Corgi2358
LockedNH FlynnCardigan Welsh Corgi110
LockedAT fHO Gamer's InstinctCardigan Welsh Corgi2456
LockedFor StudCCA fHO In His Criminal MindCardigan Welsh Corgi54104
LockedMHu fHO In the Depths BelowBasset Hound2766
LockedAA fHO Keep Makin' TroublePembroke Welsh Corgi2358
LockedAFl fHO McLaughlinCardigan Welsh Corgi2153
LockedAP fHO My Fairy TailGreenland Dog1748
LockedFor StudChH fHO New KidsCardigan Welsh Corgi46112
LockedAM fHO Not What I ExpectedCardigan Welsh Corgi2558
LockedAR Ornack from Hollow OaksBorzoi1738
LockedMA fHO Point of FocusCardigan Welsh Corgi3372
LockedExA fHO Puppy 1Berger Picard3680
LockedAPnA fHO Puppy 1Pembroke Welsh Corgi1340
LockedAH Puppy 11Cardigan Welsh Corgi2754
LockedMT fHO Puppy 2Pembroke Welsh Corgi3280
LockedANH Puppy 2Cardigan Welsh Corgi820
LockedAT fHO Puppy 2Saarloos Wolfdog2459
LockedMT fHO Puppy 3Pembroke Welsh Corgi2972
LockedAPnFl fHO Puppy 3Greenland Dog1338
LockedPnS fHO Puppy 3Greenland Dog1032
LockedFor StudNCH fHO Puppy 4Pembroke Welsh Corgi54104
LockedMFl fHO Puppy 6Australian Shepherd3081
LockedJAFl fHO Puppy 7Cardigan Welsh Corgi1442
LockedNT Rowena • LL spdstm intagi • EEEE 15/0 • AFlT • PPKbrkEeAyAyspspMmTtcchcchCardigan Welsh Corgi112
LockedAT fHO Ruler of the Ocean'sBasset Hound2461
LockedFor StudGCT fHO Sausage RollBasset Hound46107
LockedFor StudGCFl fHO ShermanCardigan Welsh Corgi46107
LockedAH fHO The DragonBornCardigan Welsh Corgi2457
LockedAT fHO World's GreatestBasset Hound1949
LockedJPnT | L MookaiteBasset Hound717
ChFl fHO 146Cardigan Welsh Corgi45173
GCSc fHO 157German Shepherd Dog46177
GCFl fHO 166 HerdingBorder Collie47167
GCH fHO A Solid MindBorder Collie48167
GCFr fHO AngelmistBorzoi43284
GCFl fHO Astronord's PlaylistCardigan Welsh Corgi45176
ChT fHO AudhumblaBasset Hound39165
ChA fHO Battle RoyalPembroke Welsh Corgi42214
GCFl fHO Beckon Me CloserBorder Collie43216
ChT fHO BlueberryCardigan Welsh Corgi44178
GCFr fHO Bound by GravityBorder Collie46162
NCA fHO Buddha's TempleCardigan Welsh Corgi45244
NCH fHO Catching FireCardigan Welsh Corgi50228
GCFl fHO DamballaPembroke Welsh Corgi44230
GCH fHO Dancin' on DangerousCardigan Welsh Corgi46196
ChH fHO Dancing to NirvanaAustralian Shepherd42206
ChA fHO Desert's EmberCardigan Welsh Corgi42221
GCT fHO Downtown AlleyBasset Hound51163
GCFl fHO Dr. OctaviusCardigan Welsh Corgi49144
GCH fHO Easter BasketCardigan Welsh Corgi48284
ChH fHO Edge of TomorrowAustralian Shepherd40187
CCA fHO EmeraldCardigan Welsh Corgi49263
GCA fHO Eternal DreamCardigan Welsh Corgi47231
GCH fHO FlokiCardigan Welsh Corgi45167
ChT fHO Fly Through the SkyCardigan Welsh Corgi45193
GCO fHO GandalfCardigan Welsh Corgi42326
GCT fHO Give me SpaceAustralian Shepherd49235
GCT fHO Golden GirlBasset Hound48208
GCT fHO Indiana JonesPembroke Welsh Corgi47179
ChFl fHO Jellycat saves the NightPembroke Welsh Corgi43161
ChT fHO JormungandrBasset Hound41229
ChP fHO KishaGreenland Dog40137
GCA fHO LagerthaCardigan Welsh Corgi47168
NCFr fHO Landorius MaximusCardigan Welsh Corgi43243
ChT fHO Lazy MasqueradeBorder Collie45144
GCH fHO Manila's VibeCardigan Welsh Corgi48152
GCSc fHO Mark of the PhoenixGerman Shepherd Dog46172
ChH fHO Missing LinkPembroke Welsh Corgi41189
GCFl fHO Nobel's MarbleBorder Collie47250
ChH fHO PollyCardigan Welsh Corgi44137
ChFl fHO Puppy 10Border Collie41187
GCT fHO Puppy 2Cardigan Welsh Corgi46162
GCFl fHO Puppy 2Greenland Dog44153
ExFl fHO Puppy 9Australian Shepherd40177
ChFl fHO Queen of ElbaBorder Collie41200
ChSc fHO Quest of CamelotGerman Shepherd Dog41153
GCH fHO RafaëlaCardigan Welsh Corgi47305
GCFl fHO Ragnarok LothbrokCardigan Welsh Corgi44226
GCH fHO Reign on MePembroke Welsh Corgi44242
GCT fHO Run the RiverCardigan Welsh Corgi49143
ChFl fHO Silver SurferBorder Collie44186
GCT fHO StormchaserCardigan Welsh Corgi45255
GCT fHO Sweet but PsychoPembroke Welsh Corgi47143
GCA fHO The Govenor's DaughterCardigan Welsh Corgi47176
ChH fHO The Sorcerer's ApprenticePembroke Welsh Corgi43187
NCT fHO ThunderbirdCardigan Welsh Corgi50212
GCA fHO TristarCardigan Welsh Corgi45242
ChH fHO Trotting AlabamaCardigan Welsh Corgi43169
ChFl fHO Up to no GoodBorder Collie42216
ChSc fHO VenomGerman Shepherd Dog45153
ChT fHO YggdrasilBasset Hound42182

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09:17pm on Oct 2

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