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LockedChT ~ENI~ .WK. Viel wie ErstickenGerman Shepherd Dog3883
LockedAPnT ~ENI~ an't no shame in my game( solid blue)German Shepherd Dog1223
LockedAPnSh ~ENI~ Ariana GrandeDachshund1021
LockedAPnSc ~ENI~ beat to the music ( isabella) 17HHGerman Shepherd Dog1121
LockedNCM ~ENI~ Beauty EEEE-Lla-11HH-0hhBorzoi4187
LockedMSh ~ENI~ BeethovenAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2471
LockedExT ~ENI~ bella bell {20HH}Dachshund3165
LockedASh ~ENI~ Blueberry DreamAmerican Pit Bull Terrier1941
LockedAT ~ENI~ Bunny Power!!! bb Dd 22HH (brown)German Shepherd Dog1740
LockedAPnSc ~ENI~ can't stop the music ( soild brown) 21 HHGerman Shepherd Dog1121
LockedASh ~ENI~ Carmen Doesn't Have a ProblemAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2774
LockedMSh ~ENI~ ChantelleAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2558
LockedAT Chocolate DreamsAustralian Shepherd1846
LockedMSc ~ENI~ city girl (maskless carries black)German Shepherd Dog2348
LockedIPnSc ~ENI~ club party ( 24HH ) ceGerman Shepherd Dog712
LockedMSc AT ~ENI~ COVE Turning PageGerman Shepherd Dog3183
LockedAT ~ENI~ dance partyDachshund2043
LockedFor StudMSc ~ENI~ deep in my heart {blue} 21HHGerman Shepherd Dog2348
LockedMSc ~ENI~ don't have a care in the worldGerman Shepherd Dog2662
LockedMSc ~ENI~ Evil wolf (Bb) 24HHGerman Shepherd Dog2554
LockedExT ~ENI~ fireblitzDachshund3065
LockedMSc ~ENI~ firework show {blue} 21HHGerman Shepherd Dog2348
LockedMT ~ENI~ forever with you 24HH EmEGerman Shepherd Dog2348
LockedMR ~ENI~ Friendly FamiliarSilken Windhound2860
LockedChSc ~ENI~ GridonGerman Shepherd Dog3496
LockedChT ~ENI~ hi there............. {24HH}German Shepherd Dog3471
LockedMSc ~ENI~ i want you back {Bb Dd ressive black}German Shepherd Dog2248
LockedAT ~ENI~ Im HungryGerman Shepherd Dog1641
LockedAPnSc ~ENI~ inspiring songs (solid isabella)German Shepherd Dog1123
LockedMT ~ENI~ KasatochiGerman Shepherd Dog3772
LockedJPnT ~ENI~ kellybeanGerman Shepherd Dog712
LockedASc ~ENI~ kitkat EMEGerman Shepherd Dog1536
LockedAT AE ~ENI~ Liam 23HHDachshund2049
LockedExT ~ENI~ little loveDachshund3065
LockedJASc ~ENI~ loseing touch ( blue)German Shepherd Dog1121
LockedASc ~ENI~ love as u love me 22HH black DdGerman Shepherd Dog2144
LockedASc ~ENI~ love song Dd 22HHGerman Shepherd Dog1840
LockedAT ~ENI~ lovely rainbow {solid Isabella} lala 14HHGerman Shepherd Dog1737
LockedAO ~ENI~ MakaraGerman Shepherd Dog2262
LockedPnSc ~ENI~ midnight kisses ( solid blue )German Shepherd Dog1023
LockedMSc ~ENI~ mocking bird Bb Dd ressive blackGerman Shepherd Dog2348
LockedAPnSc ~ENI~ only girl in the world ( solid choc. )German Shepherd Dog1121
LockedAPnSh ~ENI~ only one in the worldDachshund1021
LockedMSc ~ENI~ OUATs A Curious ThingGerman Shepherd Dog3395
LockedIPnSc ~ENI~ pimp my boat ( 24HH )German Shepherd Dog713
LockedAT ~ENI~ poison devil ( EmE Bb Dd)German Shepherd Dog1536
LockedFor StudMT ~ENI~ princeDachshund2683
LockedASc ~ENI~ purple passion solid brownGerman Shepherd Dog1637
LockedJASh ~ENI~ RosalieAmerican Pit Bull Terrier1325
LockedExR ~ENI~ Self 11Silken Windhound2859
LockedIPnSc ~ENI~ she's the man (sliver EE )German Shepherd Dog713
LockedAT ME ~ENI~ Siobhan 23HH EEEEDachshund2253
LockedExT ~ENI~ sliver windGerman Shepherd Dog3266
LockedExT ~ENI~ sour patch girlGerman Shepherd Dog3165
LockedFor StudAPnT ~ENI~ Stolen songs (soild isabella)German Shepherd Dog1123
LockedExSh ~ENI~ TGIF ( dd bb ) {7HH}American Pit Bull Terrier3070
LockedChT ~ENI~ thing two {22HH} EmEGerman Shepherd Dog3371
LockedASc ~ENI~ thumper 23HH Bb DdGerman Shepherd Dog1740
LockedMSc ~ENI~ Tiger Claw AttackGerman Shepherd Dog2456
LockedNCR ~ENI~ tiger {10HH}Borzoi3787
LockedGCR ~ENI~ transformersBorzoi3887
LockedExT ~ENI~ UulaxGerman Shepherd Dog3977
LockedMT ~ENI~ we all need a friend 9HH blueDachshund2351
LockedMSc ~ENI~ you cant fool me evil clown 23HH DdGerman Shepherd Dog2754
LockedJAT ~ENI~ zeus ceGerman Shepherd Dog1428
LockedExT ~ENI~ zigzagGerman Shepherd Dog3266
APnFT (M) GGEE BlackLabrador Retriever103053
WCSc (stm) Devil's Black Midnight Train to MoscowGerman Shepherd Dog472966
NCSh ~ENI~ *Brindle Silver and White (Irish) with Blue Sable and Ticking; MeekAmerican Pit Bull Terrier462611
WCE 1, 2, 3 Red LightDachshund483047
WCR 1.064x 18HH [intstm strstm] lalaSilken Windhound452791
WCR 1.066x 13HH [intstm spdspd] llaSilken Windhound472789
GCSh ~ENI~ 130278German Shepherd Dog491996
MSc 19HH 5Hh lala Translucent Rainbow *Isabella Saddle*German Shepherd Dog312913
ExFl 22HH EEEE lala Fawn with Blue Saddle and MaskGerman Shepherd Dog322950
IPnT ~ENI~ 24. Fawn with Black Saddle and Mask (lala)German Shepherd Dog82622
CCSh Always Mine ForeverAmerican Pit Bull Terrier462954
GCA BiancaGerman Shepherd Dog373045
AFl Black w/Red Points & Mask 24HHGerman Shepherd Dog132936
AT blue ivy {13HH}German Shepherd Dog213053
WCR Burning Embers [14HH]Silken Windhound492680
ExSh Candy 20HH lala Brin,bbAmerican Pit Bull Terrier393007
ChSc ~ENI~ Cappachino of ChocolateGerman Shepherd Dog402454
AO CharmAmerican Pit Bull Terrier222949
NSc Chocolate starGerman Shepherd Dog32978
ExSh cookie monster {13HH}American Pit Bull Terrier313073
MSc Crash And Burn red w/ chocolate saddleGerman Shepherd Dog272988
WCT DaybreakGerman Shepherd Dog522960
GCSc Devil's Returns of a new seasonGerman Shepherd Dog413015
WCSh Devil's Blaze of GloryAmerican Pit Bull Terrier472997
PnT DogGerman Shepherd Dog102663
ASc ~ENI~ Dove 13HHGerman Shepherd Dog211179
GCSh Fiona [14HH]German Shepherd Dog393011
ExSh Fire Heart 21HH Lla BrinSil,bbAmerican Pit Bull Terrier382715
ExT ~ENI~ FlowerGerman Shepherd Dog361881
ASc Force ResetGerman Shepherd Dog152792
PnA fridaysAmerican Pit Bull Terrier103055
NCSh ~ENI~ GEGG Isabella and White (Extreme Piebald) with Ticking; Determined Lla stmstm spdcha 6HH/5hh w/KrongAmerican Pit Bull Terrier452435
CCSh GGEG 10HH llaAmerican Pit Bull Terrier433018
NCT Gold DiamondsGerman Shepherd Dog432815
GCT gummy 21HH DdGerman Shepherd Dog412810
GCSh Ice Cream 21HH llaAmerican Pit Bull Terrier413019
MSh JayaAmerican Pit Bull Terrier292967
NCT JupiterGerman Shepherd Dog412976
APnA kateAmerican Pit Bull Terrier103055
AT King 23HHGerman Shepherd Dog153045
GCSh let me shineAmerican Pit Bull Terrier382980
CCO WCSc Lied der Nacht 363485German Shepherd Dog482690
ChSc Little Boy BlueGerman Shepherd Dog362982
ChT little red *carries sliver*German Shepherd Dog343029
WCR Living Wonders [14HH]Silken Windhound462680
WCT JPnSc Loosing Touch [15HH]German Shepherd Dog512967
ChT ~ENI~ lossed soulsGerman Shepherd Dog382599
PnSh love song {blue} 21HHDachshund93001
WCR Lovely Storm [13HH]Silken Windhound492680
PnSc MamaGerman Shepherd Dog83030
AT MarieGerman Shepherd Dog153029
WCW MarquitaGolden Retriever372775
JAT MonicaGerman Shepherd Dog152858
MSh ~ENI~ Monster MashAmerican Pit Bull Terrier302404
CCSh Move Me With All Your LoveAmerican Pit Bull Terrier403056
ANFl Nana's Black As A Midnight MoonGerman Shepherd Dog43040
NFl Nana's Vanilla LatteGerman Shepherd Dog33040
AH Næturjökla's Fine PearlAustralian Shepherd192846
JASh ~ENI~ princess beautyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier161494
JASh ~ENI~ queenAmerican Pit Bull Terrier151494
ExR ~ENI~ r i t a { 13 HH | EEEE lala }Silken Windhound312153
NT NSc raceing strips {11HH}German Shepherd Dog13050
AT ~ENI~ Rip OffGerman Shepherd Dog182140
ChSh Rose Red {13HH} (agispd chaspd)CHAx1Golden Retriever333063
WCSh RubyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier453068
WCR Soft As Silk [13 HH]Silken Windhound462680
JPnSc Sopuli EEEE {15HH}German Shepherd Dog62981
AFl Sound Of MusicSilken Windhound192758
MSc sound of musicGerman Shepherd Dog252984
ChT StarburstGerman Shepherd Dog382970
ExSh ~ENI~ starclan { 24HH }American Pit Bull Terrier352183
ExSh ~ENI~ StarPhoenix' Raindrops On RosesAmerican Pit Bull Terrier382233
MT sunset has landed on your timeGerman Shepherd Dog283009
ASc TaylaGerman Shepherd Dog193040
ExSh Tick Tock 22HH Ll Brin,SilAmerican Pit Bull Terrier383007
WCR Tiger's Eye [12HH]Silken Windhound492680
MSh ~ENI~ Toxic CandyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier262396
MA ~ENI~ Walking on AirAmerican Pit Bull Terrier262396
ASh WarriorAmerican Pit Bull Terrier212949
IPnT where the winds blowsGerman Shepherd Dog92910
WCT Wonder EEEE 17HHGerman Shepherd Dog473034
GCT JAM ||20HH lala|| RISMGerman Shepherd Dog401953
MP ~AK~ ChoctawAmerican Pit Bull Terrier243055
WCSh ~FAK~ Bruno Mars (EEEE)American Pit Bull Terrier473040

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10:23pm on Jan 26

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