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Hello, Spoon here! While at college I don't spend as much time on here as a used to, but I still try to draw and wander on here sometimes. Feel free to message me if you want to chat; I'm usually pretty friendly! I enjoy chatting, but I like going beyond just the "hey, how are you". I'd prefer if we could just skip that part when you message me and just launch into a random specific topic. If you want to rant to me about your second least favorite condiment, let's do it (mine is plain mayo, if you cared to know...we don't emulsify very well together). Or maybe you just drank the world's best cup of coffee and you need to the spill the ...beans... about it via poetry, I can be that person snapping for you in the background of your mythical underground poetry reading. I'm actually sort of terrible at snapping so maybe you could imagine me to be snapping too instead of me actually doing it. Just an idea. Oh wait, what's that? If you're imagining everything then what's the point of having me around? Valid question! That's very sharp of you to point out. I don't think that an imaginary version of myself would say as many terribly fantastic puns. And really, what fun is that!
Sometimes it may take me awhile to reply to messages! If I don't reply for a week, feel free to send the message again.

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06:41am on Feb 23

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