Goldwisteria Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

I'm shortening this in the hopes that more people will actually read my policies before bidding/requesting studs...
My main focus is the Greater Swiss Mt. Dog. My secondary focuses are the Bernese Mt. Dog, Caucasian Ovtcharka, English Springer Spaniel and Kerry Blue Terrier. I may also have several other projects going on at any given time. My goal is to improve genetic quality and increase multiplier with a focus on strong aptitudes in 3* sports.
I auto list pups at $0 but this does NOT mean I will accept free or low ball offers. Unless the puppy is specifically listed as an achievement litter, they are not free. Bids less than pet home sale price are rejected without consideration. I sell to highest bidder and best show home.
Studs range between 5-20k and studs are listed once they reach between levels 40-60. I will not accept stud requests if your female has been bred more than twice. I do not automatically unlock studs over 98 days old. If you request to use one of my older boys, send me a message when you're ready to breed and I would be happy to unlock him for you. If you've request my studs before and failed to follow through on the breeding on more than one occasion, I will not accept future requests from your kennel.
BOBx6 - IMYS Be Somebody - Kerry Blue Terrier
BOBx1 - GWGS Flowers And Beads - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
BOBx1 - GWGS Dizzy In My Head - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
BOBx2 - Zeus - Appenzeller Mt. Dog
BOBx4 - Haake Confident Fusion - Black Mouth Cur
BOBx9 - IMYS Always American - Toy Poodle
BOBx11 - GWGS White Rabbit - Kerry Blue Terrier
BOBx6 - GWGS Woodchuck - Appenzeller Mt. Dog
BOBx3 - GWGS Diamond White - Appenzeller Mt. Dog
HOF & BOBx1 GWGS Spitting Game - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
HOFBOBx11 GWGS Shadows - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
HOFBOBx9 GWGS Lithium - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
HOF & BOBx3 GWGS Monkey Wrench - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
BOBx1 GWGS Those Days - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
BOBx1 - GWGS Lost In Paradise - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
BOBx1 - GWGS Prism - Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
BOBx2 GWA Back To The Future - Norwegian Lundehund
BOBx4 GWGS Churchhill Falls - Newfoundland
BOBx1 GWGS Game Night - Kerry Blue Terrier
Personal Notes:
GSMDS - Pulling (Str)
BMDs - Pulling (Str)
OVTs - Herding (Int)
CHRTs - Racing (Spd)
DALs - Agility (Spd)
BLDs - Tracking (Stm)
PRCs - Tracking (Int)
ESS - Show (Str)
ECS - Field Trials (Stm)
KBTs - Obedience (Str)
BS - Schutzhund (Str)
GWP - Field Trials (Stm)
OH - Scent Hurdles (Cha)

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11:14am on Oct 21

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