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~About Ambient Night Kennels~
Ambient Night Kennels was established December 12, 2004 on the Beta version of Furry-Paws. The kennel became registered officially April 30, 2005 with the prefix AmbN, specializing in Welsh Springer Spaniels. Here at Ambient Night Kennels, I strive to bring up the best dogs I can. I am mainly interested in Welsh Springer Spaniels, though I do dabble in other breeds. The dogs of Ambient Night Kennels are not bred below level 30. Health, litter size, and stat genes are considered the most important in breedings while color genetics are of little concern.

Planned 89-Day Breedings
Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Baleful x Tractable
Broadcast x Indefatigable
Diehard x Sticky Situation
Diehard x Tyndre
Hesitant x Pristine
Indecipherable x Underwhelming
Noisome x Dampened
Plunder x Uncooperative
Wager x Malevolent
Field Spaniels
Bottle-Brush Sedge x Coast Tussock
Davis Sedge x Shiny Woodoats
Davis Sedge x Walking Fern
Hop Sedge x Tall Green Milkweed
Plains Sedge x Marsh Muhly
Red-Based Spike Sedge x Wimmera Ryegrass
Rat Terriers
Welsh Springer Spaniels
None Planned.
Planned 101-Day Breedings
Dandie Dinmont Terriers
Arcane x Gleam
Arcane x Uncooperative
Arcane x Velcro
Baleful x Sticky Situation
Broadcast x End of the Road
Broadcast x Yesteryear
Ceaseless x Irksome
Ceaseless x Malevolent
Ceasless x Wayward
Collodion x Eythyl
Collodion x Indefatigable
Demolish x Questionable Headway
Diehard x Pristine
Emphatic x Indecision
Emphatic x Reservations
Emphatic x Underwhelming
Hesitant x Toluene
Indecipherable x Doughty
Noisome x Sardonic
Plunder x Road to Nowhere
Plunder x Tenacious
Swathe x Laudatory
Swathe x Tyndre
Unshakable x Dampened
Unshakable x Enact
Wager x Tractable
Field Spaniels
**Female "Fountain Grass" unpaired
Bottle-Brush Sedge x Floating Sweet Grass
Davis Sedge x Glaucous Meadow-Grass
Davis Sedge x Silver Glade Fern
Emory's Sedge x Royal Fern
Emory's Sedge x White Haired Panic Grass
Fescue Sedge x Lobed Spleenwort
Fescue Sedge x Walking Fern
Fox Sedge x Old World Bluestem
Fox Sedge x Wool Grass
Hair Sedge x Shiny Woodoats
Hair Sedge x Upland Sea Oats
Heavy Sedge x Beech Fern
Heavy Sedge x Marsh Muhly
Hop Sedge x Wimmera Ryegrass
Mead's Sedge x Coast Tussock
Mead's Sedge x Tall Green Milkweed
Plain's Sedge x Cane Bluestem
Plains Sedge x Sandberg Bluegrass
Red-Based Spike Sedge x Rosy Bird's Foot Trefoil
Shoreline Sedge x Bulbous Bluegrass
Shoreline Sedge x Marginal Shield Fern
Rat Terriers
Welsh Springer Spaniels

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Character Reference: Imilak (needs revamp)
Character & Tags: Moth Eater
Character Reference: Moth Eater!
Miscellaneous Tags
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Breeding Policies
  1. I will not stud my dogs until level 30.
  2. I will not accept breeding requests of dogs less than 50% the stud's level without prior agreement.
  3. The price for breeding with one of my studs is subject to change depending on the market. Current pricing system is:
    Level x (250 + [HH x Base] / [24 x (hh+1)])

    Base = 1750 FPD
    lala = +250 FPD to Base
    ll = -250 FPD to Base
    Quad-stat = +250 FPD to Base

Selling Policies

If I have dogs for sale:
  1. The dogs you currently own must be well taken care of (i.e. shown regularly). I only sell to showing kennels.
  2. I have the right to refuse sale to anyone.
  3. The dog will have my registered kennel prefix.
  4. The minimum price of my puppies (age 6-11 FP Days) will be:
    $250 x Highest Stat + $2,500 x (HH - hh) + $500 (for training) + $1,500 (for equipment)
    Discounts might be available for kennels with long standing in the breed.
  5. Pups that have grown into adults will cost roughly:
    $2,500 x (HH - hh) + $2,500 x (level - 1) + (equipment cost)

For Reserving Pups

  1. Unless there is a great desire for pups or I'm expanding my lines, I only breed on day 100. If I choose to keep one (or no) pup(s) from the litter, any other pup in that litter can be reserved. The pup will come with my kennel prefix.
  2. You must message me to tell me of your interest in a pup BEFORE the litter reaches day 5 if I do not have the pup you want open for reserve, or I may not get the message until it is too late. Otherwise, if you want to request for a pup from an 88 day breeding, you must message me well before day 88 so that I can get myself in order to be able to make the date.
  3. Your kennel must be in good condition (i.e. Dogs being shown, cared for, leveled, etc...).
  4. As with the selling policies, I have the right to refuse your reservation for whatever reason. No complaining about it.
  5. Minimum pricing of a pup from a litter is listed on the pup's page in the litter, based on a calculation too complex to shove in here. However, showing homes with great track records take more precedence than the highest bidding price and I will not accept bids less than the Pet Home price on the litter.

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