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Hi! I'm Larissa, but I go by Qu on FP. I have been playing Furry-Paws since 2004. I'm 26 years old & live in Canada with my cat, Blondie. I'm a veterinary Technician by trade and work in an emergency animal hospital. I hope to add a small dog to my life soon with whom I will do dog agility and make my best friend. =)

I have always raised Doberman Pinschers starting with my very first dog, Sundance Kid. He didn't go far, but he inspired me to continue raising and breeding Dobermans to have the best in all of FP!

In 2006 I added Rat Terriers to the mix and haven't looked back since. I'm inspired by Ratties' energy and spirit. Agility and Obedience are also my favourite sports in real life so that doesn't hurt. ;-)

Message me if you'd like to breed your dog to any of my studs. They're all available.

First dog to Level 5 - |SK| Bronx Brutus @ 13 days
First dog to Level 10 - |SK| Bronx Brutus @ 19 days
First dog to Level 15 - |SK| Bronx Brutus @ 27 days
First dog to Level 20 - |SK| Bronx Brutus @ 33 days
First dog to Level 25 - |SK| Darken Her Horse @ 43 days
First dog to Level 30 -|SK| Darken Her Horse @ 52 days
First dog to Level 35 - |SK| Austin @ 68 days
First dog to Level 40 - |SK| Impatient Isadore @ 78 days
First dog to Level 45 - |SK| Impatient Isadore @ 89 days
First dog to Level 50 - |SK| Impatient Isadore @100 days

Title to Grand Champion - |SK| Whiplash Smile II @ 43 days
Title to National Champion - |SK| Whiplash Smile II @ 46 days
Title to Continental Champion - |SK| Whiplash Smile II @ 51 days
Title to World Champion - |SK| Whiplash Smile II @ 53 days
Title to Universal Champion - |SK| Whiplash Smile II @ 82 days

Highest Litter Quality
Impatient Isadore x Heroic Hanna - 207 - $32,535 each

Won Best of Breed once
|SK| Get Busy Living – September 13
|SK| End Of Time – September 12
|SK| Konfident Kona – September 9
|SK| Tenacious Teddy – September 8
|SK| Scarlet Dancer – August 23

Can you base/colour? I'm looking for a collab partner [click]

I have three characters: Hyena, Ndele, and Perry.

Hyena is a Australian Shepherd x Spotted Hyena cross. She's happy, fun and always has a smile on her face. She's pink and white with dark pink spots and has the cutest half-prick ears. You can see more of her art [here]

Ndele is an African spotted hyena. He's a joker, a prankster and a trickster. He's always getting up to something. He's brown with a dorsal stripe and spots and a characteristic yellow fringe/mane. He often wears a wide, dark brown leather collar. Ndele's webpage is [here]

Perry is my only equine character. He's a red dun tobiano with all the dun factors (dorsal 'cross', dark muzzle, dark ear tips, leg stripes) and a bi-coloured tail. His mane is roached (cut short). Perry's art can be found [here]

Name Breed Accomplishment Date
|SK| Impatient Isadore Doberman Pinscher Best Of Breed October 13 - 31; November 1 - 23
|SK| Houston Rat Terrier Best Of Breed October 17 - 31; November 1 - 19
|SK| Austin Rat Terrier Best Of Breed September 18 - 20; 22; 25 - 30; Oct 1 - 16
|SK| Friday Lights Rat Terrier Best Of Breed September 21; 23 - 24
|SK| Rockstar Ruby Rat Terrier Best Of Breed August 31; September 4 – 7; 14 – 17;
November 20 - 23
|SK| Jackson Rat Terrier Best Of Breed September 10 -11, 2012
|SK| Dixie Mae Rat Terrier Best Of Breed August 26; September 1
|SK| Whiplash Smile II Manchester Terrier Best Of Breed Aug 23-25, Sept 1-4, 8-12; 15-19;
21 -22; 26; Oct 3 - 31; Nov 1 - 22
|SK| Hot In The City Manchester Terrier Best Of Breed Sept 5 - 7; 13 - 14; 20; 23; 25; 27 - 30; Oct 1 - 2

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