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This kennel officially started on January 30 2008 (from FP Beta, transferred here on May 10 2014). Ever since then, this kennel has been dedicated to producing quality Siberian Huskies and champion Akita. Any other questions? Please feel free to message me!
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Registered Kennel Prefix: MnLK
Run by: hpfanatic 627897

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Breeding Service (Requirements)

My dogs are up for breeding requests once they reach level 10. Females are up for breeding services only once. After they've been bred with another dog from another owner, they're off the breeding list, as I need the 2nd litter (where the breeding quality won't be significantly decreased) for myself.
To make breeding requests on my dogs, you have to meet the following requirements:
1. Your dog that will be bred must be at least Level 20 (when requesting to my males) and Level 30 (when requesting to my females) (though when requesting to one of my females, your male dog must not be 20 or more levels below her level)
2. Dogs in your kennel must be well-taken care of
3. Dogs in your kennels must trained and shown
4. You don't do low level breeding (Level 10 and below), at all, for any reasons. Not even if it's "just for achievement litters."
5. Your (male) dog that you will breed with my female must not have been bred multiple times already (twice or more), especially when your dog is still young (less than 80 FP days)
6. If your dog is quite high leveled but I see that you've just recently bought the dog (the same day you make the request, the day before, or a few days previously), your breeding request will be rejected. The high level of the dog is negligible to me if you're not the one that raised it to that level anyway.
7. If I see that you're just selling off the whole litter or using the litter from a breeding request to my dog for the progenitor achievement/"bid for bid," I won't be accepting another breeding request from you ever again.

Breeding Service (Special Guidelines)
When Requesting to Multiple Females for the Same Dog
*I only allow a male dog from another kennel to breed with just one of my females. My reason for allowing breeding requests to my females even though most don't is to help a great male dog's bloodline continue, and your dog's bloodline can already be maintained with just one breeding. No need to clear out all my females. If you request to multiple females (and pass the other requirements), I'll only accept one and reject the others.
Time Allotted for Completing Breeding Requests
*Please complete breeding requests asap! Especially if my dog in question is nearing 88 FP days (my females are only for breeding 'till this age; your accepted request will be cancelled if my female reaches over 88) or nearing retirement (for my males, as I retire on the early hours of FP time at their 101th day).
**Once I accepted the request, you have 24 hours to complete it. If you're making the request in advance (such as if you're waiting for the dog to reach a certain age/level, waiting for your female to be able to breed again, etc.), please message me about it. I might suddenly have to lock my dogs, and if you don't arrange it with me beforehand, I won't be unlocking my dog suddenly upon mere request so that you can complete the breeding. You'll have to wait until it's really time for my dog to be unlocked (whenever that may be). That, or feel free to just cancel the request.
***If you make a request to a dog of mine that's 100 FP days, you make the request with the risk that he turns 101 days and is locked to wait for his actual breeding or is retired before you can complete the request. I will still accept requests made to my dog who's at 100 days, but you accept the chance that you might not be online again between the time I accept the request and the time my dog has to be locked/retired at 101 FP days. Make the request to a 100-day dog knowing the risk, and don't complain if I accept the request but by the time that you come back the next day, my dog's already locked/retired.

I sometimes have puppies in my dogs' litters for sale. Rules for bidding on a puppy in a litter are as follows:
1. Dogs in your kennel are well-taken care of everyday
2. Dogs are trained and shown everyday
3. No low level (Level 10 and below) breeding
4. Puppies from my litters all get my prefix, no exceptions

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Roy (revamped ref)
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